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  1. Amstrad 6128plus restoration.
  2. Amstrad GX4000 video sync problem
  3. Where to buy a tape cable?
  4. M4 Clock DIsplay using variables
  5. CPC464 memory expansion.
  6. CPC664 keyboard membranes are back in stock
  7. External Floppy on Amstrad 6128 Plus
  8. CPC Disk Drive Adapter
  9. Plus monitor?
  10. Sound chip on cpc plus (AY38912A/P vs AY38912/P)
  11. If the Amstrad had released an Arnold number 2
  12. My CPC's and a novel 4MB expanded ram card!
  13. LambdaSpeak Speech Synthesizer, Sample Player, RTC, MP3, Serial Interface, MIDI
  14. Issue with CPC6128 and the motor control of Philips NMS-1515
  15. GOTEK or HXC for my 6128
  16. 3.5" Floppy drive using DDI-1
  17. SYMBiFACE III in development
  18. Video: Amstrad CPC 472 History and Restoration
  19. CPC Speak&SID - Speech / SID / MIDI Synth, and Universal IO CPC Expansion Card
  20. Watchout-American with European hardware! Part 2
  21. Help to restore a old CPC 6128
  22. Quick and dirty RAM test for CPC
  23. DD1 - Interface only. - Does it need power?
  24. DD1 - FD1 Cases
  25. 3.5" Floppy on Amstrad CPC464
  26. Amstrad CPC 6128 missing disk error if disk is not write proctected
  27. Galaxy & Zen80 boards
  28. DDI-4
  29. Video: Building and Testing a Multiface II
  30. CPC 6128 RAM Bank 0 failing - Need help
  31. Question concerning dual ROM mod
  32. Optimal OSSC settings for Amstrad ?
  33. Case for mother X4 and child cards
  34. ROM board with a tiny DMA engine
  35. My first new Lab Power Supply started to burn after 5 minutes
  36. AMSDAP - Amstrad MSx aDAPter - connecting any MSX I/O hardware to the CPC
  37. V9990
  38. Joysticks for the CPC - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  39. FPGAmstrad on MiST-board
  40. CPC Audio Channel Test Program
  41. CTM 644 not powering disc drive
  42. 464 from the dead, mem expansion needed
  43. Disabling ROM 7
  44. 3D printed case for Multiface II module.
  45. Modding the amstrad 6128+ to use the HXC OSD Menu having some issues
  46. Z80Tube. Running Acorn Co-Processors on the Amstrad CPC
  47. Mother X4 / Game Edge Adapter
  48. GX4000 5V question
  49. Help repairing disk drives
  50. 3.5" external on a 464 with DDI-1?
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