View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. How do I get this 3.5" external drive to work?
  2. SYMBiFACE edge connector issues
  3. GX4000 Not displaying
  4. HXC set up
  5. Cpc 464 not displaying the colour red
  6. Damned Audio Glitches !
  7. MegaFlash Rom Manager ROM
  8. GX4000 becomes a 6128 Plus!
  9. GX4000 To CPC Modification Progress So Far...
  10. New Old 464 arrived Today
  11. New user of an Amstrad CPC6128
  12. Amstrad 464 + DDI-1
  13. CPCbooster bios source code
  14. New guy, "new" mute 6128 and a broken keyboard
  15. Can I attach a KC compact with DDI-1 disk interface/ disk rom ?
  16. Where the hell is the dual AY / Stereo mod for the CPC range?!
  17. At wit's end with HxC...
  18. CPC 6128 - SmartBoard Capatible VGA Interface Help Needed!
  19. Tips for CPC newbie - please! :)
  20. CPC cartridges possible to make new ones or not worthwhile?
  21. Grey box black border when cpc464 is switched on
  22. New OLD 6128 Arrived
  23. Floppy disk emulator, HXC, CF card adapter
  24. MegaFlash Progress
  25. Replacement Joypad for Plus / GX4000
  26. 50way Edge Connectors
  27. CPC gaming expansion!
  28. cpc6128+ problems
  29. Recommendations for rgb to vga converters for a retro computer club
  30. How to Get Replacement Drives for a CPC
  31. MOVED: Adapting old Atari standard joystick(Konix Speedking) to run on U.S.B.- P.C.
  32. Reset Switch on a 6128+
  33. help for a CMT-640
  35. Getting started with ROMs
  36. CPC 464 Keyboard Repair tip
  37. Problems with (sigh) disk drive... or is it the disks?
  38. GT65 monitor behaving oddly
  39. Any instructions how to connect an external floppy to a DDI-1 out there?
  40. help for external disk drive
  41. Does the Amstrad GX4000 gamepad work on a regular Amstrad CPC 6128 (not plus)?
  42. Vidi Digitizer Project 2013 - Digital Pictures on a CPC 464!
  43. (SOLVED) 6128 + HxC SD Emulator + 6128+ Ribbon cable: What is failing? (obvious)
  44. (Solved) My floppy drive not work
  45. FPGA CPC thread
  46. CTM 644: Which wire(-colour) to which pin?
  47. 664 going for sale in Durham, collection only and cheap!
  48. What's this thing:
  49. FD1 2013 edition
  50. CPC464 SCART issues
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