View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. DMA Problem with ROMBoards
  2. info about asic of GX4000
  3. gx4000 flaps
  4. DualOS
  5. Amstrad GX4000 Universal Power Supply
  6. DK'tronics Upgrades
  7. FPGAmstrad candidate 002 is out !
  8. CPC Tape Deck
  9. help for a cpc464
  10. NUN-Joy or How Attach a Wii Nunchuk to the CPC
  11. GX4000 to Plus Mod Curiouser and Curiouser...FIXED NOW!
  12. USB floppy emulator
  13. How to reduce noise in audio recordings?
  14. Help with connecting my FD-1 amstrad disc drive to my PC
  15. AcidInside Hardware Project
  16. GX4000 mod Photo and Video (before I install disk interface ;-) )
  17. GX4000 to Plus Mod Disk Interface Nearing Completion!
  18. 6128+ on a 17" VGA Monitor.
  19. CPC464 no sound out of speaker/loading
  20. Use an Amiga Modulator on your CPC.
  21. USB keys on the Amstrad
  22. HxC case
  23. Amstrad CPC 6128 sound problems.
  24. 3" it really dead...
  25. Joystick : just a small test to do on original cpc...
  26. About the logic circuit inside gate array.
  27. Using Sony PSP charger / power supply to power external 3.5 inch floppy
  28. Quick question about burning GX4000 Cartridge ROMs
  29. MegaFlash CaseMod
  30. The Spanish CPC464 that wasn't !!!
  31. Should there be a CPC 'ISO"?
  32. DD1/FD1
  33. What is needed to update a 6128 to Aleste (MC520ex) ?
  34. Aleste 520EX
  35. Guide to connect a 3" drive to a PC.
  36. Four drives on a CPC6128 :-)
  37. My latest video : Restoration of an Amstrad CPC 464 that was in a very bad way
  38. Baby Jo in \
  39. fake vsync?
  40. GX4000 to Plus Mod Quick Update For Those Interested
  41. AY-3-8912 Source.
  42. Amstrad CPC464 ULA Chip Woes
  43. New serial interface for the CPC
  44. 3" drives way too cheap with CPCs?
  45. Modding a TEAC FD-55 for double-step (80 to 40 track conversion)
  46. Teamdrive
  47. GX4000 to Plus Mod STAGE 1 Complete!
  48. Upgrading a CPC464 with a disk drive.
  49. Australian Awa CPC6128 with MC0020C PCB
  50. Scare with my Schneider 664 today...
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