View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. RAM Expansion
  2. I'm a noob to CPC stuff - I've recently purchased a CPC 6128 Plus
  3. Provide Power supply to Joystick port, enabling Autofire, Joy adapters etc.
  4. [WTB] 464/6128 Plus keyboard
  5. Can we still find ink ribbons for DMP printers ?
  6. A 6128, RS232 and the weather
  7. Amstrad CPC6128 replacement storage options
  8. Replacement for Plus Gamepad
  9. CPC Laptop.
  10. Sharing is caring
  11. How to pimp a Schneider RS232 interface...
  12. Has anybody Connected 2 Floppy drives to a DDI-1 clone (Zaxon)
  13. Amstrad CPC and RC2014
  14. CPC badge dimensions
  15. 4MB external ram expansion will be soon.
  16. Arnold Number Two
  17. DDI3 USB Floppy Emulator for the Amstrad CPC 464 BIG Review!
  18. CPC 464 Tape drive problem
  19. List of 8-bit computer hardware graphics
  20. What to look for in a power supply for the CPC?
  21. Freebie - the Tape Drive from Hell
  22. CPC Quiz
  23. How to run...
  24. New "Active" Scart Cable Solves "Ghost Shadow" Image Problem on TFT Monitor
  25. So I have a CPC 6128 now, what next?
  26. 3.5 Drives disk Capacity
  27. WTB Ram/Rom Board For CPC6128
  28. data on bus at interrupt time
  29. Amstrad GX4000 video sync problem
  30. Replacement joystick suction cups
  31. Britannia ROMBox and how NOT to fix them...
  32. Free CPC 464 Keycaps - Grey German Version
  33. DCP Microdevelopments Interpack 1 - Mini Review
  34. WANTED a Keyboard for a CPC464 (Australia)
  35. Hmm, Just CPC iss2 is ready.
  36. Amstrad CPC RAM poll
  37. Capture savegame as audio?
  38. Campursoft Hard Drive - AA95
  39. FLASH Floppy
  40. Heat sinks on 40010
  41. largest possible/workable floppy format via disc image or gotec type emulation
  42. Amstrad mp-3 fix
  43. After the C4CPC, is there a demand for "classic" plus cartridges ?
  44. Need plustest.dsk testbench 9 output on original CPC 6128
  45. RGB to SCART
  46. Memory Map ?
  47. asking about a 6128 price
  48. Amstrad DDI-1 PCB
  49. Moustache testbench (int/vsync/palette)
  50. [GONE] Amstrad DMP2160 - want one?
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