View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. MP-3 TV tuner
  2. Z80 to X80/R800 ?
  3. Videomaster
  4. Anybody with M4X wants to be first / second customer for LambdaSpeak?
  5. Problem with super CPC
  6. Gotek/HxC
  7. Tall key cpc464 needs replacement 'M' key cap.
  8. MP2 Modulators
  9. Restoring and modding a special CPC 6128.
  10. Does this sound like drive belt problem or other failure?
  11. cpc keyboard fault testing
  12. Help finding connector name
  13. fixing the power switch.
  14. FPGAmstrad on Mist-board - next version - vote ! :)
  15. Question about audio input for CPC 464 to load programs
  16. Silly geeky question. Kinda useless, but also a bit interesting
  17. SPI interface
  18. 2 Mega Byte Memory expansion
  19. Amstrad CPC 6128 Expansion Port vs. Schneider CPC 6128 Expansion Port
  20. Really large memory expansions - what does it buy me?
  21. Who sells M4X motherboard?
  22. Who would be interested to purchase the LambdaSpeak Speech Synthesizer?
  23. Amstrad CPC Joystick Port, bidirectional?
  24. Amstrad Plus and IM2 bug
  25. CPC6128: from AZERTY to QWERTY Italian (dirty&quick way)
  26. Audio out on 464 not functioning
  27. Amstrad 4128plus suspect ram....
  28. Best 3" drive replacement solution
  29. Will this plug work in a CPC 464
  30. C4CPC FW update
  31. Using CPC+ CM14 Monitor with Original Machine
  32. How BIG is your expansion!!!
  33. HSync Scrolling and LCD Screens Workarounds?
  34. CPC Tape motor question.
  35. A death in the family
  36. Amstrad GX4000 high quality picture gallery
  37. cassette isn't it almost a spi
  38. 6128 phantom key input at boot up
  39. cpc / hxc housing
  40. Need assistance getting an Amstrad GX4000 to display on an NTSC TV
  41. Amstrad SSA-1 Speech Synthesizer ROM needed
  42. 5VCPC
  43. Powering a CPC with a FD-1 power supply?
  44. Original Cpc Sd card devices
  45. Ho do I connect the CPC 6128 Hardware Floppy Emulator from Pjotr Bugaj?
  46. CPC-X64
  47. Any idea where to buy a 40007 (gate array) chip ?
  48. Easiest way to upgrade 464 plus to 128Kb internal RAM?
  49. Testing amstrad hardware
  50. GT65 with very low brightness
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