View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. Easiest way to upgrade 464 plus to 128Kb internal RAM?
  2. Testing amstrad hardware
  3. GT65 with very low brightness
  4. MP1
  5. My 464+ fixes and conversion
  6. Stupid question regarding patched CPR file.
  7. Mulitple 3.5 fdd
  8. OK I am having a bad day!
  9. CPC IDE adapter, anyone?
  10. Help, I changed the drive-belt and now my disk drive is suddenly read-only?
  11. Question about Gotek-HxC floppy emulator
  12. [GX4000/Plus] Analog joystick port
  13. 3" drive dead?
  14. CPC 464 Breadboarding - 7-Segment LED Display for CPC
  15. CPCDiskXP and 3.5" disks.
  16. MP1 Composite question
  17. 3 inch disks. Were they used anywhere else?
  18. Scart Picture - Wierd ghost effect
  19. Cpc light gun on lcd tv's
  20. Adding a Tape socket to a CPC 6128+
  21. Controller for Amstrad GX4000
  22. Another 15khz monitor found - Benq G2222HDH
  23. *SOLVED (I guess)*More HxC Problems ARGGHH!!!!
  24. HXC image loading question.
  25. Amstrad rs232 pace
  26. So I'm getting my hands on a 6128+ finally!
  27. New Expansion bus adapter board for IDC cables
  28. Modding an EME-232 drive to work in a 6128
  29. Where can I buy an SD interface for my Amstrad?
  30. PC - 6128 file transfers, what are my options?
  31. Where to get CPC plus pads?
  32. 464+ Scart and Power combo from eBay
  33. 64K Memory Expansion
  34. GX4000 Power Advice
  35. a noob question about power on
  36. Keyboard Injection extension
  37. GX4000 PSU
  38. Comparable mice/joystick
  39. 664 with floppy drive not working
  40. Scart cable not working
  41. Keyboard Membranes
  42. 40010/40007 chip needed
  43. Mass Storage (8/16 bit IDE) for CPC464/6128 Project
  44. Cisco brick power supply conversion for Amstrad
  45. Status of X-MASS and its motherboard?
  46. Hardcore Floppy Drive restoration
  47. Getting READY signal from a TEAC FD-235HF-B391 floppy drive
  48. CPC I/O port decoding
  49. Center image vertical y in a CTM-644
  50. Picking up an Amstrad 464 Plus Monitor - Thoughts?
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