View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. New Joystick and/or game pad
  2. LambdaDrum progress & first demo
  3. CPC 464 Colour Restoration
  4. How much is an 472 worth?
  5. PCW8512 CRT needs service
  6. very simple Expansion Interface (new to CPC)
  7. Amstrad Plus External Floppy
  8. SYMBiFACE III in development
  9. Internal gotek for 464+
  10. Jeremy Clarkson articles in Amstrad Computer User
  11. EME-156 mechanics
  12. CTM644 - is 50htz really that bad?
  13. Mother X4 / MiniBooster Boards
  14. Gotek and HxC floppy emulators
  15. Using SymbOS with the GFX9000 (MSX grapics card)
  16. CPC - Clock jitter
  17. Looking for documentation of Siren Software serial interface
  18. DDI-1 on a budget?
  19. ps2cpc , ps2 keyboard interface for CPC
  20. Changing CRTC
  21. Two for one on hardware issues
  22. DDI-4
  23. Amstrad GX4000 and burning rubber locomotive basic Cartridge help
  24. CPC Hardware Tinkering Platform
  25. CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
  26. 6128 to 512kb expansion cable
  27. CPC664 - possible upgrades
  28. M4 Board, X-MEM... and trying to do a DSK transfer of Batman Forever
  29. Call out for spare datacorder parts.
  30. PCW 8512 Floppy drive order
  31. Dead CPC464
  32. DMP3000 - bin or ?
  33. Edge connectors
  34. Internal ribbon cable for CPC+
  35. Issue with a MX4 board?
  36. Cost effective Tape WAVE Player for Amstrad CPC 464.
  37. GT65 schematics
  38. Plus peripheral adaptor
  39. Geeky idea for M4 "expansion": Wifi gamepad as Multiplay
  40. Amstrad GT65 monitor video width adjustment
  41. Wanted: broken GT65 monitor
  42. C4CPC 3D printed cartridge
  43. Amstrad floppy drive not working
  44. ESP8266
  45. Loading .dsk files on a CPC
  46. Hello and a faulty CPC464 question
  47. AMSTRAD CPC6128 power up failure
  48. [PLEASE READ] GX4000 with original power brick and C4CPC
  49. OSSC with Amstrad cpc - some timing or sync problems
  50. Mixxtape Wireless Cassette Adapter (MicroSD)
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