View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. FPGAmstrad on MiST-board
  2. OSSC with Amstrad cpc - some timing or sync problems
  3. Mixxtape Wireless Cassette Adapter (MicroSD)
  4. Watchout-American with European hardware! GX4000 through NTSC LCD
  5. C4CPC case received!
  6. Multiface II and USB Mouse adapter are back ;-))))))
  7. What's "wrong" with CRTC 2?
  8. Finally motivated to fix my 464
  9. Disabling ROM 7
  10. Free Trojan Phaser for the CPCPlus
  11. Has anybody used a TZXDuino Thanks. SORTED
  12. 464 Plus - Keyboard Problem?
  13. Pocket (C.H.I.P.) CPC
  14. M4 Board. V2.05B3. autoexec.bas problem
  15. USB Transfer and eeprom programming with CPC Dandanator
  16. PLUS + CTM644 + M4 questions
  17. Open Source, DIY 512KB RAM Expansion
  18. The GX4000: An American Viewpoint (2016)
  19. Galaxy & Zen80 boards
  20. how to get the hxc disk image manager working on the amstrad
  21. How to connect a CPC+ to the CTM 644?
  22. WANTED: M4 board
  23. CPC 6128 plus cassette mod - need some help. (Solved)
  24. Best way to restore yellowed CPC 6128 keys?
  25. DD1 repair
  26. Gotek USB in a CPC6128
  27. Virtual Net96 adaptors
  28. Has anyone cased a 3inch drive once internal one is replaced with a Gotek?
  29. Z80Tube. Running Acorn Co-Processors on the Amstrad CPC
  30. New/Old Peripherals?
  31. New Product - Dust Cover for 6128
  32. Joystick Tester.
  33. What printers (if any?) are folks using with their CPCs?
  34. Finally got my hands on a 6128 plus and was not easy
  35. I am looking at getting something to Playback xxxx.CDT files on a CPC464
  36. Wanted - working Memory Expansion for CPC 464
  37. Real Time Clock Board
  38. CPC 464 Compatible Printers
  39. Can I turn this easily into a NLQ 401 Printer by swapping EPROMS?
  40. Amstrad CPC Edge Connector Expansion Port Male to Male Adaptor Boards (2 Pack)
  41. 6128+ Cassette / tape mod - could do with some help
  42. Very unusual use for the 6128 from 1988
  43. What are peoples thoughts on printed cases or moulding a new cpc case?
  44. Tape level indicator
  45. CTM 644 making noise only heard by a young one
  46. Prototype ROMBox from the 80's.
  47. CRTC info
  48. Adapter for 6128 Plus to use edge-connector peripherals?
  49. Problem with two 6128's
  50. Cleaning stubborn case?
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