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  1. My new 464! Highs and lows of day 1...
  2. Gilding the DKTronics Speech Synthesizer
  3. Any hope to save my GX4000 board?
  4. Gate array decapped!
  5. Looking for documentation of Siren Software serial interface
  6. The 472 (and the wiki!) featured on the EEVblog
  7. Anyone using 464 on crt tv and it looking crap compared to greenscreen?
  8. Unknown Romboard
  9. Building an 8-Bit (emulated) PSG/FM Sound Expander
  10. Competition Pro Retro mod: 2nd fire button
  11. FlashGordon - new batch
  12. Would Amiga genlocks and scandoublers work on cpc?
  13. [SOLVED] GX4000 (french) no display but sound is ok
  14. FSDE - Working with four floppy disc drives on the CPC.
  15. GX 4000 to 6128 conversion kit
  16. CPC Plus cartridge replacement : one more
  17. Zilog peripheral chips
  18. C4CPC 3D printed cartridge
  19. Mp3 on cpc via uart
  20. 464+ does not play certain keys start the game from title screen
  21. Recommendation : eBay's retrocomputershack
  22. Kryoflux and the CPC
  23. CPC-CPLINK - a coprocessor interface card for all CPCs
  24. Help Required with Cheetah Amdrum
  25. Tape level indicator
  26. Hi it is the MF2 interface return, who’s interested ?
  27. CPC464 Data Cassette Drive?
  28. Hm... Just CPC 4 under tests
  29. YABA - very rusty old 464
  30. Minibooster issue
  31. Albireo - USB/SD/Serial interface for CPC
  32. M4 board - Hack Menu source code
  33. Understanding Retro Electronics
  34. YABA - Yet Another Broken Amstrad
  35. Advice on using multiple peripherals
  36. amiga floppy drive in CPC+
  37. CPR to BIN
  38. Using a real printer on a real CPC or Plus
  39. Keyboard springs
  40. Dart Light Pen Software?
  41. Boomerang B102 Joypad
  42. CPC 6128 plus keybaord issues
  43. HAM RADIO operators here?
  44. Most used hardware for mouse?
  45. Video: Forcing 2nd RAM Bank on the Amstrad CPC 6128
  46. MP2 Improvements.
  47. C4CPC Advice
  48. Multiface II save to Ram
  49. Plus joystick?
  50. Burning Eprom with Kernel and Basic
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