View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. vortex 512KB internal ram expansion - testing help needed
  2. MF2 Clone new color !!! (not kidding, but new order)
  3. C4CPC Order
  4. I drilled a couple of holes in my 3.5 drive...
  5. DMP 2000 - Built in the UK?
  6. Mother X4 enclosure
  7. SCART output with VGA Cable - green color?
  8. CPC464 sizes
  9. Unlocking the Keyboard connector
  10. Weird bug with Starkos and a ROMDOS D2 formatted 3.5 disc
  11. z80 ide generic interface.
  12. symbiface 2 real time clock
  13. GX4000 with NTSC?
  14. How standard, in dimensions, are 3.5 drives?
  15. Amiga mouse+joystick auto fire adapter for Amstrad cpc
  16. DMP-2000 New ribbon or re-ink old ribbon
  17. C4cpc
  18. Hardware Profile - The DDI3
  19. Parados & 64K RAM pack
  20. Mother X4 tape port board?
  21. Is it normal drive behaviour?
  22. Reading Spectrum +3 disk on Amstrad CPC 6128
  23. Amstrad CPC 464 tape deck problem
  24. How to type the bar symbol on a French 6128+
  25. Amstrad Console Game Tap
  26. MP-3 TV tuner as peritel adapter for other computers/consoles.
  27. retro & new combination
  28. Drive A: disc missing
  29. GX4000 in the US
  30. USB Floppy Emulator for CPC664
  31. 464 / 464+ tape drive test
  32. "Modern" tape deck?
  33. RGB adapter to SVideo/Composite for CPC based on AD724
  34. Super CPC
  35. GX4000 video-processing questions
  36. crtc settings which cause ram refresh to stop
  37. How to prevent your GX4000 from breaking?
  38. Case for HxC floppy emulator.
  39. Cassette port protocol?
  40. symbiface 2 rom switches
  41. Homebrew Edge Connectors
  42. where to start fixing FD-1 and DK'tronics 64K ?
  43. Pros & Cons HxC SD-Interface
  44. My 6128 does not work with my Mother x4 with addons
  45. Modification of SCART with 100µF capacitor
  46. GX4000 incoming but need some advice!!
  47. printer roms (dmp-2000 etc)
  48. JustCPC Mainboard: part list, shopping, solder technics, etc... Lets talk!
  49. Internal DDI for Gotek and CPC464.
  50. Can I adjust the video-out frequency of my CPC464?
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