View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. GX4000 video-processing questions
  2. crtc settings which cause ram refresh to stop
  3. How to prevent your GX4000 from breaking?
  4. Case for HxC floppy emulator.
  5. Cassette port protocol?
  6. symbiface 2 rom switches
  7. Homebrew Edge Connectors
  8. where to start fixing FD-1 and DK'tronics 64K ?
  9. Pros & Cons HxC SD-Interface
  10. My 6128 does not work with my Mother x4 with addons
  11. Modification of SCART with 100µF capacitor
  12. GX4000 incoming but need some advice!!
  13. printer roms (dmp-2000 etc)
  14. JustCPC Mainboard: part list, shopping, solder technics, etc... Lets talk!
  15. Internal DDI for Gotek and CPC464.
  16. Can I adjust the video-out frequency of my CPC464?
  17. Dk-tronics lightpen
  18. ABBA switch, the other way
  19. Screws
  20. MINIBOOSTER information
  21. Expansion Wierdness.
  22. Happy 6128 Plus with christmas expansions.
  24. Later model 464
  25. light phazer action
  26. CPC6128 Parados and Internal 3.5" floppy drive mod
  27. Z80 CPU NMOS or CMOS
  28. Question about the gate array - new to Amstrad
  29. History of CPC
  30. Need some help fixing CPC6128 not booting
  31. Wanting to Purchase 26 Pin IDC Flat Cable MALE Plug ??
  32. Sigma Seven can destroy your hardware!
  33. "3.5 inch USB SSD Floppy Drive Emulator 1.44MB": Could this be a Poor Man's HxC?
  34. How to handle an external 64Kb RAM expansion
  35. Repairs to a CPC464.
  36. CPC464 key restoration
  37. Z80 to 6581 SID Player binaries
  38. Does AMSDos and PARADos have Checksums ?
  39. Check out the age of my Amstrad CPC 464
  40. 6128 for HxC, what else do I need?
  41. A Christmas treat to myself! CPC 464+
  42. Acrylic Cases
  43. Limited batch of new S-Video Adapters.
  44. Worbla
  45. Amstrad RS232 and ARA Digitizer Interface
  46. Yaaay 664!
  47. DK Tronics 464-64k-10/90
  48. New yerar, new CPC board
  49. CPC464 Cassette Counter Belt
  50. HD 20MB Dobbertin CPC Hard disc
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