View full version: Amstrad CPC hardware
  1. CPC464 tape station misbehaving
  2. CPC464 Tape Mechanism Part Identification Help
  3. Minibooster - RSXS.BIN
  4. MultiFace II clone
  5. Just won a 6128+ on Ebay!
  6. Connecting to TV converts sound-out to mono?
  7. The 6128 Plus is here!
  8. New order : several clone-retro-cpc hardware
  9. Look what the mailman brought me today! :-)
  10. 8 pin DIN connector for the Plus.
  11. Recommended PSU and SCART Cable for 6128??
  12. A Guide to Over-voltage on a CPC
  13. Wanting to max out my 464
  14. Recommended CPC 6128 Plus hardware expansions.
  15. Looks who's ready for his closeup…
  16. Official release dates of Amstrad hardware?
  17. asic ppi (8255 port A output, AY read register, write and then read)
  18. Chinnyvision Joystick review
  19. Gonbes GBS-8200 VGA converter with CPC
  20. CPC 6128 drive belt size.
  21. A new member of the retro family!
  22. Yarek's 4MB ram expansion
  23. Edge adapters (MotherX4 / Ribbon cable)
  24. Z80 and sound chip frequencies
  25. HxC or Gotek for a technically inept person??
  26. Analogue joystick testing
  27. Monitor
  28. Squeaky tapes
  29. Look what I got!
  30. Rombo ROMBox
  31. CPC6128 Monitor Power running GX4000?
  32. Schneider RS232 Interface
  33. Any chance to reproduce an adjustment disk to set up drives ?
  34. CPC 464 B/W composite output
  35. What to buy for 464 to remove tape loading.
  36. Pausing tape deck
  37. How much are CPC's worth these days??
  38. lopts for amstrad monitors...
  39. Scanlines Generator - SLG SCART for LCD TV
  40. CPC464 works with monitor but no power with TV kit
  41. How to dismantle a CPC 6128 and replace the drivebelt
  42. Connecting DDI-2 to 3.5 floppy
  43. Hack-It / Le Hackeur
  44. The DDI-2
  45. Tutorial: How to build an internal 3 inch SDCard HxC drive for your Amstrad
  46. Palette in Amstrads LC version.
  47. MotherX4 Main Board (and the other boards)
  48. Gx 4000
  49. Dobbertin Smartwatch Help needed !
  50. CURSOR signal on CPC expansion port
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