Author Topic: Auto Fire adapter for amstrad cpc  (Read 2180 times)

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Auto Fire adapter for amstrad cpc
« on: 13:24, 11 February 13 »
For every one of you, who tired of breaking fire buttons  :) , here is a nice,cheap and rather easy way to get an auto fire switch:

* auto_fire_adaptor.jpg
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As you see, you will only need a very small and cheap 555 timer,2 resistors,1 cap, and one small signal BJT transistor (2N3904).
This little circuit provides auto fire functionality to ANY joystick/game pad even if your joy doesn't have an auto fire switch on it!
The way i did it looks something like this:
 [ Invalid Attachment ]

The sort of "innovation" i thought of, is putting the switch on a rather long cable,so you can attach it on your joystick using a small double face sticker.
I found this very useful, because you don't have to bend over the joy port every time you want to enable/disable auto fire! ;)
You can try and make it yourself or you can get one from here