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Author Topic: cpc serial numbers,¿How interprete the cpc fabrication?(I need french member).  (Read 2982 times)

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I found a french forum with a discursion around the mbfr versión.

In the last topic,a member release a metod(I think) to read the cpc serial numbers:

So I need A frech user to traduce the topic :).


I think this forum is not know.

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And here is the French translation of the last post (courtesy Google)...

Decode the serial number of the CPC
 by tilt_93 "November 10, 2011, 21:42
Good evening,
The study of different variants of CPC is not moving fast, but one subject is mature enough to talk about it now: The study of different variants of CPC IS NOT moving fast, drank one subject Enough IS mature to talk about it now:
This involves interpreting visible serial number on the back of the CPC. This Involves Interpreting visible serial number on the back of the CPC.
What interest you say?
This lets you know exactly how old your loved CPC (the year and month of manufacture at least), and place of production (factory).
was not the day nor the hour when he came out of the string or the name of the employee who put the last screw, but it's not bad, right?
This information is complementary to "form letters" or "Mfrs-version" and that will more accurately track changes in production (and perhaps the quantity produced of each variant)
So there: There are two main types of serial number on the back of CPC
1) The first serial number are located on a small white label. As "123456 Kxx-yy"
2) The second are shown directly on the main label. As of 10 digits.
Interpretation of the first type:
As "123456 Kxx-yy"
=> K is the country of production (K for Korea - South Korea)
=> Xx is the plant (31 or 32 are the two codes that typically found).
=> Yy is the year and month of leaving the factory. Directly represents the first year (4 for 1984, 5 for 1985). The second of the month (1 through 9 = January-September and October for X, Y and Z for November to December)
=> Finally, the 6-digit number is the number sequence from one factory and one year
Examples: some examples:
93132 K32-54 => Korea factory 32 - April 1985 (a 664)
218 167 K32-5X => Korea Factory 31 - October 1985 (a 6128)
16201 K31-62 => Korea factory 31 - February 1986 (464 is a)

this numbering was used until February 1986. It relates to a package of 464, 664 and every part of 6128 (as keyboards "querty")

Interpretation of the 2nd type:
In the form of 10 digits (often with a dash between the 3rd and 4th digits)
=> = 1st digit country code (5 for Korea, Thailand for 6)
=> 2nd and 3rd digit = plant code (found on 31 and 32 but also 33, 35, 41 and 71 for Thailand)
=> 4th and 5th digits (possibly preceded by a hyphen) = production date (year and month as the previous system)
=> 5 the following figures correspond to the sequence number of the chain of production (per site per month now)
Examples: some examples:
5326604065 => Korea Factory 31 - June 1986 (it's a 6128)
533-7316093 => Korea Factory 31 - March 1987 (it's a 464)
671-9408078 => Thailand Factory 71 - April 1989 (it's a 6128)

Well, I hope this is helpful.
If you find counter-examples or if you have more information (the precise location of plants for example) do not hesitate to know. And to inform the database that aims to understand what exactly are the various "letters-codes" and "Mfrs-version" ...

The CPC in Australia...
Awa - CPCWiki

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Wow, this is very interesting, will try to clean it up and add it to the Mainboard versions article (any better ideas?)

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Yeah,I made a investiagation time ago,about where the cpc was made(when I search the destinity of amstrad españa).

I know where the cpc,pc,pcw monitors,printers and pcw keyboards are made.

Are reparted in orion factory in south corea,and taiwan.and hong kong amstrad factory for printers.

Miaoli (Taiwán),Amstrad Microtonics (MFG) Ltd.(hong kong(printers)),Gumy (south corea)).Gyeungsangbuk-Do(Korea).(where the cpc 644 and gt 65 are made 100% sure).
So probably the codes 31&32 correspond to orion facilitys in korea :) .Also in tailand orion made her first factory when the cpc cost down go out,so probably the factory in this case is 236 Moo 2 Nongchark Banbung, Chonburi 20170 THAILAND.

¿So the different numbers maybe is for diferent numbers of line plants or factory ?
So korea factory 31=Gyeungsangbuk-Do(Korea). and 32=Gumy or ¿reverse? or 31 factory line 1 of Gyeungsangbuk-Do and 32 line 2 of Gyeungsangbuk-Do?

I found where they are made in the spanish boe :)


Search "amstrad"

act:Ok.in boe the ctm 644 and gt 65 are made from orion in Gyeungsangbuk-Do(Korea).
In the cpc wiki: the serial of ctm 644 is 541 and the gt 65 is 542.So in the number 4x the x is probably the number of submodel(colour¿? green)(mm12 as 541 made in korea) ¿or line production?).And the four is ¿type of component?display components,computer components.the mp3 of cpc wiki has a 549 serial made in korea.(¿tv subype model 9?).
[We need more serials to compare,serial of components made in korea factory 100% sure.Serials of PCW 8256-I,]PCW-8256 T,AIRO 1512,AIRO PC-MM y AIRO PC-CM,PCW-8512 T,PCW-9512T,PC-2086T, PC-2286T y PC-2386T.monitor colour.
I think wee can drecypt the two digits :) .
[Ah maybe Gyeungsangbuk-Do and gumi is the same. :P .Because gumi is a city of province of  ]Gyeungsangbuk-Do

So the factory is in south korea on gumi in province of Gyeongsangbuk-do. the only mystery is how orion uses the two digits to mark the products :) .

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Wow, this is very interesting, will try to clean it up and add it to the Mainboard versions article (any better ideas?)

And four years latter... What happend with the clean it up and add it to the wiki?.

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Good question dragon  ;)
TFM of FutureSoft
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Not like I was the only one who could do it ;)