Author Topic: CubeMDOS / FAT16+FAT32-OS - for XMASS, Symbiface_2+3,HXC/FlashFloppy  (Read 9901 times)

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(Version runs without an Problem in Winape)
IMHO then the emulator has to get improved. If software developers care too much about emulators, then one day stuff will not run an real CPCs.  :o
However, great work!!! I like to use it with SF3.  :) :) :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Recent update: 2019.08.07) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2019.08.14)

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New Version 290919b - Changelog:
- Config.BAS, Extended - You should run Config.BAS before use
- Bugfix of FlashFloppy-Support (Amstrad+)
- CAT/DIR: Possible false display in the path name  (thnx netmercer)
- Display VolumeName during boot - Changed/Fixed - again :-(
- No MSD-Hardware found, correct exit
- Make-Directory: Convert Directory-Names to Uppercase (else Directory can't read by Windows)
- FAT16: Can't create more than 64 DirEntries  - checked 20000 save's   (thnx m_dr_m)
- FAT32: Saves to LBA 65535 crashes
- Internal Restructure/OS-Integration changed->Some more games should be run.
- V1 (default) & V2 mode introduce ->Some more games should be run.
- |disc , then cat crashes
- CAS_IN_CHAR: Reads sometimes a little bit too much bytes & improved 1A-Handling (Orgams)
- Sometimes deleted directories will be displayed (thnx netmercer)
- CD in MD-Created Dir's with length < 8 chars problems  (thnx netmercer)
  e.g.  |MKDIR,"TEST.TST"
  |CD,"TEST.TST" results 'no directory'
  |CD,"TEST    .TST" opens the directory
- Directory ".." in Root-Directory confuses CubeMDOS

Remarkable parts are the 2nd ROM, which allow to install CubeMDOS at ROM14 and AMSDOS at ROM15.
V1+V2: My main focus are game-compatibillity. Only a few games (+ORGAMS + Symbos) can not be started with the default configuration (V1).
 So you can switch with |V2 to an alternative configuration (or use config.bas to switch V2 permanently "on").

YANCC-Users must be Update YANCC when using this new Version.