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Author Topic: Breaking Baud on actual tape. Has anyone managed this?  (Read 2143 times)

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Re: Breaking Baud on actual tape. Has anyone managed this?
« Reply #25 on: 11:33, 05 April 19 »
I also tried to get a physical copy from the .wav file I found on this thread, but the real test on a CPC 464 was not successful.  :(

I state that as indicated, the audio recorded on tape is very high, and the tape used is a TDK practically new, but after loading the first block the demo does not proceed...  :'(
There is someone who really managed to to run this demo on a 464? And if so, how did you make it happen?

Thanks to all those who will answer!  :)

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Re: Breaking Baud on actual tape. Has anyone managed this?
« Reply #26 on: 12:26, 05 April 19 »
I'll try it on my tzxduino tonight, I have got it working once before on a car cd tape adaptor and a pc playing a WAV

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I think that was the first thing i tryed with mine and it worked. (but on a 6128)

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Re: Breaking Baud on actual tape. Has anyone managed this?
« Reply #27 on: 22:56, 05 April 19 »
I found a tape deck workingunfortunatelay, BB did not work, only the loader is workingi tried with differents recording levelsthen i tried again with my tape replacement, failed too!  :o the level must be very important

Yeah, that is my finding too. it seems running this awesome production outside of emulation is trickier than expected. (Yes I know Smartphone or feeding the Audio through an audio tape adaptor works, but then you are emulating the tape and not the CPC. I would really really love to see this running using genuine retro hardware, including the tape deck and tape.

I know I am mad, even insane maybe, but I actually now appreciate tape loading!