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  1. Android Emulator
  2. ACE is well ace!
  3. Connect to a BBS via an Emulator
  4. CPC464 Tape / multiface help
  5. Cyberboy on Emulators
  6. Best emulator for Android
  7. Snapshot - WinAPE compression
  8. How to write a big file to an emulator disk image?
  9. Dk'Tronics 64Kb Memory Expansion for 464 Emulator
  10. Arnold can't get + symbol from keyboard
  11. ZEXALL z80 tests...
  12. Winape32 CPC+ incompatibilities
  13. Roland, probably the worst Amstrad CPC emulator
  14. Best Emulator with assembly code editor.
  15. Digiblaster WTF
  16. WinApe UI issue
  17. Key Mapping - Winape
  19. MacCPC and other Mac EMUs...
  20. DSK-Manager for unix/osx?
  21. How do I make WinApe emulate a 464 (Or at least run "Froggy" correctly)?
  22. Language variants of Operating system roms
  23. JavaCPC Desktop available as BETA!
  24. How many monitor lines does a real CPC show?
  25. New Android CPC emulator, Droid-CPC!
  26. Getting CPC stuff and write CPCdisks on Win3.1/win95/win98
  27. Open source JavaScript CPC Emulator
  28. Arnold port to Android
  29. WinApe ROM loading question
  30. Emulator - WMV
  31. The KEEP Project: JavaCPC front-end, financed by the European Union!
  32. Amstrad Windows 7/8 Emulators being actively developed
  33. CPCE Joystick Support?
  34. Quick & Dirty Java-YM player
  35. Emulator support for USB Competition Pro
  36. [WINAPE/Windows8] Bug ?
  37. Loading Tape Images into WinApe and EP128Emu
  38. Winape questions/bugs: Write to drive B, Original ratio on windowed mode...
  39. Which one Emulator can emulate mouse?
  40. JavaGX4000
  41. Code to test emulator
  42. what tools are people using to modify .dsk images under Linux?
  43. GX4000 online-emulation
  44. Weird size of RAM expansion
  45. My new cross-development kit
  46. Hello, Arnold on Haiku, ...
  47. javacpc black screen (solved)
  48. My brain is awful at emulating real brains [prev. “WinAPE is replacing opcodes”]
  49. where can I find the French Basic ROMs ?
  50. Amstrad CPC Emu on 15khz Arcade Monitor
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