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  1. B.A.T. II: A conversation with Hervé Lange (2018)
  2. Interceptor Software - Richard Jones video
  3. A potted history of Peaksoft by Harry Whitehouse
  4. All games now downloadable from the Wiki!
  5. Converted GX4000 .cpr - The topic (repository link in first post)
  6. Ghosts'n Goblins (6128+ version)
  7. what are people playing on their cpc's this week ?
  8. Terres et Conquerants
  9. Nogalious [New game in the oven]
  10. New Text Adventure: The Mary Celeste
  11. Converted Adventure: Manticore: An MS 8k BASIC Adventure
  12. Quick question on Renegade/Target Renegade graphics
  13. Hibernated - text adventure for the CPC (and much more!)
  14. Rastan-like games on CPC
  15. Baba's Palace - Charming in dev Amstrad game!
  16. Times of Lore, Echelon and PSI5
  17. Interview with Stefan Walker author of Pirates! (2015)
  18. La abadía del crimen on other platforms
  19. JARLAC my opinion after finish it
  20. CPCRETRODEV 2018 feedback for NON top games
  21. Remastered Phantomas 2 for the CPC. Merged topic!
  22. Big Red Software
  23. Anyone know more about Lady Phoenix
  24. Interview with Dave Rogers from 2016
  25. Laser Squad, Lords of Chaos & Rebelstar - Interview with author Julian Gollop
  26. Bomb Jack
  27. Street Fighter II - CPC Edition
  28. The Stormlord Cover-up
  29. The Making Of Barbarian, article by Graeme Mason
  30. Behind the scenes of Ghostbusters II
  31. 15 CPC Comparative Game Reviews
  32. Text based Adventure Games for Adults
  33. New BASIC game: Cosmic Wars
  34. Legend of Steel by TOD Studios
  35. New Game: Behind Closed Doors Seven
  36. Classic Invaders (c)1986 Bubble Bus.
  37. Terry Greer Site
  38. The Making Of: Aliens
  39. The Making of Heartland by Steve Wetherill
  40. Converting ZX Spectrum PAWed Adventures to Amstrad CP/M
  41. New game: The Dawn of Kernel
  42. Malasombra, Lady Phoenix, Operation Alexandra - New games announced!
  43. Jarlac teaser CPC ( Retrobytes Productions 2018 )
  44. RETRO-LOADSHEET ON AMSTRAD CPC! New program for aircraft weight and balance
  45. [Download] All games from the NVG archive, sorted alphabetically
  46. Toki conversion for CPC+ [ WIP ]
  47. Infection: A game that nearly disappeared
  48. ChibiAkumas Episode 1... V1.666!!!
  49. The CPC and Sega
  50. Long shot - does anyone know the name of this game?
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