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  2. Idea of the day: Steam for the CPC
  3. GB TETRIS PORT from Crazy Piri
  4. How many of CNGSoft's compactages can you fit on a blank tape?
  5. Converted GX4000 .cpr - The topic (repository link in first post)
  6. The Shadows of Sergoth - A Dungeon Crawler on the Amstrad CPC
  7. atic atac
  8. New CPC Soccer game
  9. Ghosts'n Goblins GX4000 is out !
  10. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Remake
  11. Kyd Cadet - The Eyeburx Plee
  12. Correlation between mathcing movie- and gametitles
  13. Yie Ar Kung Fu 3
  14. New game: Kitsune's Curse
  15. The Sword of Ianna is coming to the Amstrad CPC
  16. Nogalious [New game in the oven]
  17. Snapshot (.SNA) collection
  18. Adventure: "Space War!...and the PDP-1" converted to CPC
  19. CPC Bros
  20. ADVENTURE Westfront to Apse II 1.01, a port of the Commodore 64
  21. Toki (Map Demo) by Praline
  22. Preview Sgt. Helmet Training Day 2020 (The Mojon Twins) -
  23. Enter the contest for the best CPC players
  24. 1991 - Power Tetris by Face Hugger
  25. BARBOUTI! (traditional greek dice game)
  26. Wanted! Amsoft titles!
  27. Alphajet (1988) & Airballs (1989)
  28. Online emulator
  29. Arkanoid XP
  30. CP/M Game Ladder
  31. Who wants to make a MMOG for CPC?
  32. North Star trainer
  33. What is this game? it is a shoot em up, looks very green and the earth is below
  34. La abadia del crimen / The abbey of crime finally in English!
  35. PCW Tetris
  36. Jet Paco & Sgt Helmet converted to CPC
  37. Election
  38. Street Fighter II - CPC Edition
  39. Quick question on Renegade/Target Renegade graphics
  40. All games still purchasable as a physical release*
  41. Interesting (though short) discussion on Burning Rubber
  42. Gauntlet 1&2
  43. Scramble - New game for Amstrad CPC
  44. Space Moves / Toní Ramírez
  45. Ninja Carnage - Translators wanted
  46. GX4000 cpr format: Is it possible to extract the files?
  47. Alternative Software... going for a full set!
  48. deva drifter (racing game)
  49. Two Player Games with Two Joysticks
  50. Ghosts'n Goblins for Amstrad PLUS 128K [PREVIEW]
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