Author Topic: Ghosts'n Goblins GX4000 final alpha version !  (Read 3976 times)

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Re: Ghosts'n Goblins GX4000 final alpha version !
« Reply #75 on: 11:05, 06 May 18 »
I agree, just saying, that someone could easily feel overwhelmed when people are asking for things to be done, like you said, there is no pressure and he seems like a down to the earth person.  ;)

I agree, and this extends to you as well, the work you’ve put into converting games to the GX is just as valuable as any new games, my whole family including my wife love playing the old CPC games on my GX, I take it everywhere these days. When I get Classic Invaders, my life will be complete I used to be able to get to level seven on that, my cousin could get to level 9 🤪

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Re: Ghosts'n Goblins GX4000 final alpha version !
« Reply #76 on: 14:17, 07 May 18 »
 :D Hi guys, when i see this post, i don't believe at my eyes, really an excellent work, i have tried to play, but is really hard, i think wich the playability go correct, i found the carnivorous plant irritating, shoot too soon, in the graveyard always  lose the armour, can you delay the shoot?
Great work!!!

P.S. I can't shoot in the tombstones.  ;D
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