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Re: ghouls'n goblins gx4000
« Reply #140 on: 13:02, 20 January 17 »
Ast is correct,i was waiting all these years for an easy sd cartridge,lets hope we will have the opportunity to play ghouls and ghosts gem in xifos edition,which kinda looks like arcade.Is it using any advantage of the plus version?Extra colors,wider palette,smoother scrolling?

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Re: ghouls'n goblins gx4000
« Reply #141 on: 13:52, 20 January 17 »
Yes, it uses all Cpc Plus capabilities, hard scroll, hard sprites, Cpc Plus extended palette, Dma song player and so on....
This game Will only be available on cartridge format, so keep your C4Cpc hot!

Xifos : excuse me to answer before you!

Take notes that Golem13 is also working on a Gng version Too.
We will be very lucky to have 2 greats arcade conversions.
Remember, players will be winners.
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