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Author Topic: JARLAC my opinion after finish it  (Read 324 times)

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JARLAC my opinion after finish it
« on: 04:54, 22 November 18 »
Hello guys!

ive already finished Jarlac, and i have to say that its really good but not an easy game, it took me a big amont of time to find the last heart of the 13, but finally i made it,   8)

The game consist in finding 13 hearts to save your girl trough 60 screens very well desing. The only 2 negative ponts that i see are actually the  very short ending, i understand that its just 64K but the end is really really short  :laugh:  you will see, (at least it has an ending). and the second thing is just a little bit of lag on the controls i think that the response time it was a little slow, but maybe it was just the emulator and not the game so i will try it in the real hardware.

At the end i found it a very nice game, with good music. Definitely i recomend it.

If it was release in the 80s it would be a very high score game. 8)