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Re: Street Fighter II - CPC Edition
« Reply #250 on: 11:13, 29 November 17 »
Nice progression, that smells good.
But, on other side, gameplay seems incorrect, some attacks would stop when hitting, you can not chain some attacks, and you can not hit oponent when he's already in pain, except for some combos.
That may not seem but sf2 gameplay is more depth than it may looks.
I still have quite some work to do. As I integrate new characters, I need to add or modify certain state routines. Combos are really hard to implement given that animations have so few frames... I need to somehow express "Now is the appropiate timing for a combo", but when a punch animation is just two frames long (with certain delays)... I might break the animation into several repeated frames, but if I do so, I will break the "an attack frame does damage just once" rule... It's kinda hard, but I'm on it.
This kind of feedback is great, it does help A LOT :) Thank you!

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Re: Street Fighter II - CPC Edition
« Reply #251 on: 12:15, 29 November 17 »
I studied this subject some years ago, maybe i can help you, just send me a PM 😉
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