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« Reply #70 on: 14:05, 09 December 17 »
Sorry to hear that. What about releasing what is done? Even if the layout isn't finished, what matters is the text. No one will blame you if it doesn't look as professional as you wanted it to.

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« Reply #71 on: 06:56, 20 December 17 »
I have sent out emails informing everyone i can remember who sent me info that the project is abandoned at this stage. 

I have to say that there have been many kind words not only on here but also in the emails i have received back.

Unfortunately i can't work on it any more at this stage but i do hope to resurrect it, perhaps sometime next year.

My mums first operation was on Monday just gone and sight in her right eye is much better now, i am trying to see if we can get the left eye operation done for free but i have to weigh that up against the waiting period which i have no idea of as yet as with public hospitals the waiting could be some time so if its too long a wait i will have to go back to a private hospital and spend another $3000 aussie dollars to get it done.

Mr Lou i have seen the intro of your 8 Bit memoirs dvd and have shared it on twitter and fb - looks really good the change/ selection into cpc or c64 or amiga modes is retro coolness.  Hopefully other people see it and get it as it looks like a terrific job you have done there.

thanks again to everyone who has written on here and via email showing their support - as i said above hopefully i can resurrect the project again next year.

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« Reply #72 on: 07:54, 20 December 17 »
Did you see this little summary I wrote?

Gives you an insight of how much trouble I had to deal with when doing 8-bit Memoirs. I imagine most people will think I'm exaggerating, but someone like you know I'm not.  ;)
My point is, these crazy obstacles happen to all of us (I think). Everyone who's doing a project that size. And there's really only one solution: Keep at it.

So yea, you should definitely resurrect your project - but only when you're ready.
8-bit Memoirs had several pauses along the way too. It was necessary.

Your biggest challenge really isn't to complete it. The biggest challenge is to be all zen about it and stay calm, i.e. not let the obstacles bother you. If you manage to do this, tell me how you did it.

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« Reply #73 on: 11:17, 20 December 17 »
Thanks for the update... if things come to a point you are in a position to continue this again in some form, please let us know!

In the meantime, take care, and don't let things like this project get on top of you!

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« Reply #74 on: 15:50, 20 December 17 »
Just take it easy for now and take care of your mum and you  :) No rush at all, and there will never be. In the future, if you are feeling like releasing it,  it will be very welcome but otherwise it will be fine too  :) On the other hand,  as the people already said, I am sure that many in the forum would be really glad to help you in case it is needed.