Author Topic: ADIÓS A LA CASTA - new game  (Read 2477 times)

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Re: ADIÓS A LA CASTA - new game
« Reply #30 on: 22:21, 19 May 16 »
ffs they never replied to my e-mails. I'll try your way then, buying it then emailing them for the actual shipping cost.

I wrote my e-mail to him in Spanish (which I am still far from fluent in :laugh:). Maybe that's why I got a reply...

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Re: ADIÓS A LA CASTA - new game
« Reply #31 on: 23:11, 24 May 16 »
Nice game!

Very good gfxs, the animation is ok, the gameplay simple but effective. Nice music too, though a bit short.

I found a bug: when you go to the sewer, go right. A first column prevents to go further, but when jumping over it, the character can get stuck. I was somehow respawned in the wrong place, floating above. I could reach the ladder at the top, fortunately.
The respawning is also a bit problematic when moving back to the screen you just left! It would be nice if the bad guys wouldn't respawn so quickly.

Good job!

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Re: ADIÓS A LA CASTA - new game
« Reply #32 on: 14:48, 27 May 16 »
Just so people know, you just have to complete the sale on the website, then you will be e-mailed the additional shipping cost the following day. I didn't have to contact them at all.

Can't wait to receive it now! I took Sardina with it, because why the hell not.

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Re: ADIÓS A LA CASTA - new game
« Reply #33 on: 20:50, 21 March 17 »

as i told you, i was working on 2 loaders to bring 2 games to the m4/xmass/mass storages:

The work is finished, the games are "Adios a la casta 1" & "Adios a la casta 2", Javier Navarro allowed me to upload this versions of the games,  and not only that!

he uploaded the versions to the official page!

Don't take care on the titles in spanish of this games, there is no need to traslate anything to english, they are one of the bests plataform games that the CPC

has!. "Adios a la casta 2" strongly reminds me to blues brothers from amiga!

enjoy them!