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Title: Quiz Games
Post by: Xyphoe on 09:43, 11 September 18
Hi guys,
I'm trying compile a list of quiz games - eg ones that ask you trivia questions, etc. I'm only interested in ones that are directly asking you quiz questions and not asking you to do any other kind of gameplay (eg with Bullseye in between rounds you throw darts). Also I'm ignoring PD releases and non English ones.

So far I have ->
Is there any I have missed?
Title: Re: Quiz Games
Post by: Ritchardo on 06:45, 12 September 18
Got the main ones I think, from the top of my head there’s also:

There’s also the following sequels and alternate versions to what you’ve already got:
Title: Re: Quiz Games
Post by: Xyphoe on 09:53, 12 September 18
Thank you Ritchardo! Yea should have said I was going to ignore ones purely about sporting questions, but had missed Powerplay - but from vague memory it was more of a board game but with trivia questions?
I'd seen the older versions of Blockbusters by Macsen but forgot to note that here, and got confused by all the different versions available of Trivial Pursuit!
Title: Re: Quiz Games
Post by: Cholo on 20:50, 12 September 18

Dug thru the pile and found a couple of games that may be considered "Trivia", really arnt "gameshow" or well known Trivia games so donno if they apply.

- Computer Maniacs 1989 Diary (Domark) is a Trivia game but also has Hangman & a word game in it i think. Definately not sports questions only.
- Answers Back junior Quiz (Kosmos): No i hadnt heard about it either but it appears that "Answer back" is a educational range & has as many expansion question discs as Trivial Pursuit.
- The Real You (Ask): Well its more of a personality test i guess as there is no right or wrong, but each question scale from 1 to 10. Slight warning thou: its very "adult" and "personal" indeed so dont do it online or in public. Aka the "moral" question isnt just about cheating in school, taxes or politics .. but its about murder, kidnapping, drugs use and worse. No age warning on the box lol. "Try on yourself, your friends and family". I can totally see that .. so Timmy what did you answer to the "drunk driving & flee from victim" question? And it looks like mom likes beating children and take LSD.