Author Topic: RETRO-LOADSHEET ON AMSTRAD CPC! New program for aircraft weight and balance  (Read 410 times)

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 Good  evening all!

I am happy to release here my new program <RETRO-LOADSHEET ON AMSTRAD CPC!>

This program is not a game. This program tries to calculate (weight and balance) all data relating to an aircraft that is ready to depart and produce (if aircraft is inside operational limits) a loadsheet. Τhe loadsheet certifies that an aircraft, loaded in a certain way, is ok to fly and not beyond weight or balance limits.
Of course data are not so accurate and the way of calculating was a bit simplified, but the way of calculation is in a correct way and results are quite reasonable.

In the zip file you can find the dsk file, a program manual that explains many things for all users not familiar with aircraft data and codes, the list of the program in pdf so that it is easy to follow, and a small video that shows an example.
The purpose of the program is only fun and to show that amstrad is capable of making complicated calculations and not only for good games.

 I know that my list could be better, but i am not a programmer, i just remember some things from my childhood about basic. I can use only basic, and i  have just completed 2 little games in basic.
Of course you can ask anything that is not understandable from you!

Hope that some of you will take a look at it!
(Version 2 - updated - with a very small but necessary add)
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I don't know much about load-sheets, or about what a lot of the things in the screenshots mean, but it's kind of cool!
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Will Aegean Airlines be using this?

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Nice work done!  :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Recent update: 2018.08.23) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Ver.: 2018.08.15)