Author Topic: The Adventurers Club Ltd ( 3 magazines from 87/88 )  (Read 265 times)

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The Adventurers Club Ltd ( 3 magazines from 87/88 )
« on: 10:59, 16 December 18 »
Covers all formats:

These are from the "Museum of Computer Adventure Game History" website  - which itself is worth having a look through:

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Re: The Adventurers Club Ltd ( 3 magazines from 87/88 )
« Reply #1 on: 16:17, 16 December 18 »
There's a lot more than just the three issues up there...

...that archive also includes the spin-off publication of the Adventure & Strategy Club, set up by disgruntled former members of the Adventurer's Club Ltd which disappeared without warning (and in many cases with outstanding issues still owed).

Also well worth looking at is the Red Herring colelction, which was the most professional looking adventure fanzine of the early 1990s...

Lots of adventure fanzines elsewhere on the web too. Adventure Probe was the longest running, and has absolutely loads of information of interest to Amstrad adventurers. From Beyond, although a Spectrum-focused 'zine, is a good read too... many of the games mentioned in there got conversions to Amstrad by Recreation Re-creation, The Guild or The Adventure Workshop.

Early 90s homebrew is sort of my thing, so if anyone wants more info, please get in touch. :)
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