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Author Topic: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.  (Read 1600 times)

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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #25 on: 16:05, 17 November 18 »
Mr_Lou, the fading away of our energy for worldly things isn't CPC specific, I'm afraid. It's just that we're getting older...

Over the years we usually learn more and more. So we've to share our time with an increasing number of things. Also by getting older we tend to see through worldly things more and more. At one point their attraction fades away because we know them just too well.

For example, when we were young and played some nice CPC game, its "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) looked like pure magic to us. Today, some decades later, having done own "AI" in video-games or having read about how it works, we can usually only smile at "AI" because it's always the same patterns, made more complex over the years but still there's absolutely no intelligence in it. And so it can't really surprise us anymore.

It's similar with films and many other things: the more you know about behind-the-scenes stuff (special effects etc), the less a new film manages to capture your imagination. Exceptions confirm the rule.

So far nothing new. That's life.

Since some time I handle retro video games as a piece of art which also fascinates by looking at and thinking about it – and about the artist who created it. This helps to grasp the strength of mind and immortal spirit behind it, like all the love, enthusiasm and handcraft skill which the developer put into his game.

We had the luck to experience the beginning of video gaming, where one man (or two) could form his creation exactly according to his imagination (Chuckie Egg, Elite, Tau Ceti, Head over Heels, Manic Miner, Spindizzy, etc).

By looking at modern video games we see that the area's beginning was absolutely unique and won't ever exist again – except in our memories which continue to live in the emulation of retro things.

To think and read and talk with other retro art lovers about this, and also by teaching the retro treasure to our next generation, can keep this art alive – and inspire our own enthusiasm.

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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #26 on: 16:07, 17 November 18 »
One thing that keeps motivating me is the CPC music. I simply love it so much. Listening to Roland Radio while coding certainly helps motivating me.

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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #27 on: 00:06, 18 November 18 »
I believe that having enthusiasm cannot be an obligation or a must.Cpc is for most of us a hobby (as i suppose that nobody cannot earn money or do it as work). There are many ways for each person to have fun an enjoyment- other watch movies, playing playstation, go for walk, meet friends etc.
These ways  of enjoyment vary from time to time- the same happens for cpc.There is no problem to lose enthusiasm for some period - maybe it will come back later - or, at any case, if you find something else more enjoyable, there is no problem. As for cpc gaming, there are many old and new games to try, but, as for every game, maybe you can get bored, but this happens for all games. But for programming, creativity is something that is getting bored more difficult. Because making a program is, although hard, but can give very high degree of satisfaction and enjoyment. I understand that most people dont pay attention on retro games and creating, but thats why the forum exists, and, beyond all, when creating something and you are satisfied with it, you dont need necessarily <applause> from others- you and yourself have the satisfaction of having created something unique for you- and thats all that counts!

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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #28 on: 04:31, 18 November 18 »
I get away with it because I'm single with no family. I work out in the Environment 5 days a week and the past 15 years I'd commit Volunteer time in the Environment, though I've cut some of that out because working for 5 Days in tough terrain takes a toll on the body and with age it's not going to get any easier. Just to add to all that, I've packed up one of the groups I was running for reasons people were too busy with their families, so I've Drafted a Letter which addresses the broader community.
But I've only written simple stuff since I impose the use of CPC Languages and Firmware in my programmes (so I haven't done anything like Fitzroy and the Infestation). The BASIC 10-Liners Compo was a good motivation for me to come up with some stuff and since it set a deadline, it was a way of saying that I'd have to get something done, though I could see where that too would be a problem for busy people. In my case the most enjoyable game I've written is a game which hardly took much time to write and was enjoyable to code it, so sometimes even the Technically challenging game won't necessarily be the most enjoyable.
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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #29 on: 14:59, 18 November 18 »
Or try have some kids. Your Retro time will become so rare that you will cherish every moment of it.


until they get hooked on "The Teddy Bear game" (Fun School) or "The Ostrich one" (Chucky Egg) and then you need 2 CPC's just to have one for yourself!

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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #30 on: 11:51, 07 January 19 »
I tend to blame general lack of time. Because I still get a lot of ideas for CPC projects. I just don't have the enthusiasm to do anything about them, and I think it's because I know I don't have the available time such projects require. And I guess that's how you slowly lose touch.


Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? Is it just me? What's going on? Am I finally just growing up? Argh! I hope not!

Yeah, I can relate to that. Lacking time is a huge factor for me as well. When I started CPCing, I was merely a kid and had - compared to today - zero responsibilities, apart from school. Someone here wrote that you learn and learn more things as you grow older and that's true for me, as well. Apart from the biggest factor, which is family (I want to spend as much spare time as possible with my wife and son), I am interested in much more things than I was in the 80s. And here you start setting priorities. Working on the CPC has lost urgency over the years, but I only sometimes regret that I probably will never realize all the cool ideas I have in my head. You can't do all the things you can think of, anyway. So my way of dealing with it is: let it go. And don't judge. It's not a bad thing, it's life.
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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #31 on: 13:14, 15 April 19 »
I know where your coming from but dont give up, mix it up because variety is the spice of life.  There are always new things in life I'm learning to cook healthy foods after realising how comfortable elasticated trouser braces are!  ;D  and there is loads of stuff on you tube to see, I watch the 8 bit guy, The Spectrum show and techmoan! all groovy stuff :P

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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #32 on: 12:12, 04 May 19 »
I'm also in the same boat. I have found I have not touched my collection in months as been playing around with other stuff. I check the forum each day for latest news etc but that's it. I have a very large collection in the spare room, over 1850 pieces of software, 6 boxed Amstrads, hardware mags etc and I keep thinking of how I could make use of that room that it is taking up :). Really don't know what to do as it would take me ages to sell this off so that defeats the object of freeing up room anytime soon for other projects. Also the worrying factor is the life span of all them game cassettes.
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Re: Help! Losing the enthusiasm.
« Reply #33 on: 01:14, 22 May 19 »

...It's like I only just got to complete 8-bit Memoirs in time. My CPC-mood was extremely high while creating that project. "CPC nostalgia meter" through the roof! It was utterly awesome. But then now, it's like it has dropped lower than ever before...

Maybe writing that book was your catharsis. Maybe all those emotions that were invested in those memories, which you had clearly deliberately and lovingly preserved, finally had a release in a more physical and tangible form, i.e the writing of the book and the laying down, in physical form, of those memories and feelings. They finally had somewhere to go and then were let loose upon the world. And now, afterwards, they no longer have that hold and power over you as they once did...