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Title: Just got a gx4000
Post by: Pagger on 18:12, 07 July 19
Hi all,

Picked up an untested gx4000 on eBay about a week ago.

To my surprise it fixed up with burnin rubber!  It was a bit wobbly as the solder joint round the 11v input had cracked (looks like it had a bit of a whack at some point).  Both the pads needed cleaning on the contacts and they came back to life.  Just finished recapping it as intend to keep it and all I'll say it's that's alot of caps!

I had a cpc464 alongside my spectrum at one point in my youth and have some fond memories. 

Hoping to get a flash cart and play the gx4000 conversions as the gx4000 seems like a great little device.
Title: Re: Just got a gx4000
Post by: keith56 on 06:15, 08 July 19
Welcome to the forum, well done fixing the GX4000... it was pretty lousy in the day, but with all the ports and whatnot, it's looking a lot better these days!

You're right, you should definately get a C4CPC for it to make the most of it...

By the way, You probably know, but the PSU shipped with the GX4000 is barely able to power the machine, and can damage it - especially with the C4CPC


Anyway, I hope you have some fun with the GX4000!
Title: Re: Just got a gx4000
Post by: Pagger on 11:09, 08 July 19
Thanks for the welcome and luckily I am using a replacement power supply, certainly don't want to fry a fairly rare bit of kit.

I stuck a blanker over the 5v port too just in case - that dual PSU thing is a but frightening in 2019