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[Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare III : The Escape Longplay
« on: 10:00, 28 November 11 »
[Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare III : The Escape Longplay
24 October 2011, 1:44 am

[Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare III : The Escape Longplay

Virgin 1990 Dan Dare is back and he's now equipped with a handy jet pack and armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons. A good thing, as the landscape he's been left in is populated with weird looking very un-Frank Hampson-like mutant creatures. Dan proceeds to the following levels by defeating a facsimilie of the misproportioned evil alien genius, the Mekon, in order to obtain a transport key. Transportation then involves guiding our hero successfully through a virtual tunnel made of suspended boxes in a vortex. This game heavily resembles another Probe game, Trantor, in both style and gameplay - not that this is bad. It plays well and is gorgeously presented.
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Re: [Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare III : The Escape Longplay
« Reply #1 on: 10:36, 14 December 11 »
Resembles both Trantor and Exolon. A great title...