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[Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Speedrun
21 November 2011, 12:48 am

[Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Speedrun

Help Dan Dare, the pilot of the future, to defeat the Mekon, evil leader of the Martians, in this comic styled platformer. The notorious green-hued brainbox has planted an atomic bomb inside a heavily guarded fortress on an asteroid and set it on a collision course with the Earth. Dan has to make his way around the innards of this celestial missile's inner complex and collect five keys held in different locations in order to activate the self-destruct system before it destroys its target (sadly you don't have the option of playing the hapless Digby). Formulaic stuff that's only slightly rescued by the characters involved, with the graphics not particularly endearing and naff sound effects to boot.
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Re: [Amstrad Cpc] Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Speedrun
« Reply #1 on: 10:44, 14 December 11 »
To me this looks like an early PC game... which says a lot about early PC games, but anyway.