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[Amstrad Cpc] Robin Hood Longplay
« on: 10:00, 28 November 11 »
[Amstrad Cpc] Robin Hood Longplay
13 November 2011, 10:43 pm

[Amstrad Cpc] Robin Hood Longplay

(Codemasters, 1986) A very early game by the now legendary Oliver Twins, the aim of this game is to search the huge castle of the Sheriff of Nottingham and find all the hearts scattered around, and then to free Maid Marian and kill the Sheriff. Of course, out to stop you are the Sheriff's men, armed with bows and swords, but these can be picked off with your trusty arrows. The graphics are quite impressive considering when it was released, and very detailed - Robin fires his bow very realistically - and the sound is great. This is the first game I ever played which had real speech ("Help me Robin!") and this impressed me a lot back in the day. Overall, a good novel twist on a fairly well used idea, which is a fair bit easier than others of its kind, and as a result of this, it is a lot more fun.
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