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[amstrad Cpc] Shadow Dancer Longplay part 1/2
« on: 09:38, 28 November 11 »
[amstrad Cpc] Shadow Dancer Longplay part 1/2
5 October 2011, 10:31 pm

[amstrad Cpc] Shadow Dancer Longplay part 1/2

(US Gold, 1991) Joe Musashi returns to fight more crime on the streets of America. One of your students, Kato, has been murdered, and not only that, but the Sauros are threatening to blow up a US space shuttle. You must prevent this from happening, and avenge Kato's death. Throughout the game, you are accompanied by your dog Yamoto, who seems to be totally invulnerable to any enemy fire. You have an unlimited supply of shurikens to throw at enemies, and you can also use magic to kill every enemy on the screen, although you can only use this a few times. The graphics are big and colourful, but the sound is rather limited and the music on the menu is irritating. The game itself is great to play, and having six credits and four lives with each credit is wonderful. Enjoy !
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