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Cholo's Vids - Hunchback - Amstrad CPC
« on: 00:01, 19 May 11 »
Hunchback - Amstrad CPC
18 May 2011, 9:38 pm

Hunchback - Amstrad CPC

Brace yourself its Amsoft time ;D There is probably a reason why no one else havnt uploaded a video of this game (like to embarrassing to be affiliated with this game ;D ). Anyways, this is actually an arcade game conversion (i didnt know that untill i got online) and as such it isnt a total failure as it can only be as good as the game its trying to "emulate". The stages are there but a lot of stuff is missing that i feel could easily have been added (aka the intro, and the ending and little details like the bells ringing when you hang in the ropes). Also i apologise for the 10 sec wait at the beginning isnt the game is actually loading but most likely the Amsoft logo being draw slooowly and probably in basic as well. Gameplay is ok i guess but has a few flaws, like bad random collisions, slowdown depending on how much many sprites are moving. There is probably some deep meaning with those spears going up and down, but it dosnt really matter as you can jump em all at all times and finish all stages in one rush (except the absolutely last stage where you will need to jump a fireball (or firebowl, lol). Arrows only kill you if the tip hits you usually. Not much sound either and disturbingly short. Of cause the arcade was equally short but with a few more bleeps. Worst i think this was a full price game? at least i didnt get it with my 464 (but no software was included in my end of the world). Anyways, here is a quick stumble-run (tm) that hopefully get to the ...
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Re: Cholo's Vids - Hunchback - Amstrad CPC
« Reply #1 on: 13:35, 19 May 11 »
I managed to get to the end of this game (without cheating) once only to discover (well I don't really want to spoil that now do I  :-[ )!
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Re: Cholo's Vids - Hunchback - Amstrad CPC
« Reply #2 on: 22:12, 19 May 11 »
Definately worth checking youtube to see the arcade game ending  ;D

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Re: Cholo's Vids - Hunchback - Amstrad CPC
« Reply #3 on: 22:35, 19 May 11 »
As I recall there was a type in program that was written in basic and did just as good a job as the Ocean offering.