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Cholo's Vids - Tiger Road - Amstrad CPC
« on: 10:29, 02 December 10 »
Tiger Road - Amstrad CPC
1 December 2010, 7:38 am

Short game? Yes, no doubt there, but you may be surpriced to learn that the arcade game is exactly as long too. Infact in a crazy short moment i may be as bold and claim that its all arcade perfect conversion. Because its all there (except the intro and the end movies pretty much) .. but then again its not. Lacking on the audio a lot and the gameplay is different. A few enemies is missing and some enemies cant be killed unlike in the arcade one. Cant complain that all the levels and bosses arnt there tho ;D Short it may be but the difficulty is also what keeps most people from completing it. Those "large" enemies at stage 1 can single hit-kill you just like the end boss has a insta-crush move that you dont want to get near. The trick here is to conserve energy and lives as much as possible so run and jump like crazy. The floating stage may look easy, but its the one where they can suck you dry in seconds. Also the dropping tiles is "need to know" when to jump or its insta-death again. Anyways i strongly suggest watching the arcade intro and ending, as that is really the main "drive" to play the game (and very rewarding too). By GO!/Capcom 1987

From: CholoCPC

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