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[AMSTRAD CPC] Friday The 13th - Review & Longplay
[AMSTRAD CPC] Friday The 13th - Review & Longplay
29 October 2010, 7:29 am

[AMSTRAD CPC] Friday The 13th - Review & Longplay
[AMSTRAD CPC] Friday The 13th - Review & Longplay

Another Amstrad horror game for Halloween ... yes it's the most famous of horror series - FRIDAY THE 13TH! Loved the movies as a teenager, not so much this game but I do appreciate them trying to do something original and interesting with this licence. Suppose it's quite a difficult one to do well ... at least for back in 1986. I like how you have to rescue your friends, and Jason's stalking and killing them in real time. Shame about the bugs and other annoyances.... I made this one rather quickly too, so apologies for the below par commentary I'm quite tired. Enjoy! And happy Halloween!
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Nice one. Didnt know the bit about the cross and that really makes the game have a bit more sense about it.

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I stopped playing when I heard that scream and wet my pants.

...which was before the actual game, of course :D

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I never knew about the whole "placing the cross" and "touching friends to send them to cross" part of the game. I always used to just hit everyone until one of them turned to Jason and killed him. I only ever figured out that the cross was the only object I could pick up which couldn't be used to hit people with, but couldn't work out what purpose it served ;)
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