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[AMSTRAD CPC] Daley Thompson's Super Test - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] Daley Thompson's Super Test - Longplay & Review
30 June 2012, 5:06 pm


Review and longplay / walkthrough for Daley Thompson's Super-Test on the Amstrad CPC! I'm going to be looking at various Olympic / track and field / joystick waggling 'n' destroying games over the next few weeks seeing as the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games are upon us in less than a month! This is the sequel to Daley Thompson's Decathlon released only a few months earlier, which was a huge success so this was probably hurried out to capitalise on it's success and the popularity of Daley himself - who had won gold at the last two olympic games (1980 & 1984) and was a huge success. However it's a strange mix of events, from skiing to penalty shootouts! Not bad though, and the presentation is a step up from the previous game. (c) Ocean Software 1985[/t][/t]
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Finally, a sports title that looks like fun. Though the choice of events is a bit... ahem. I mean, penalty shots? PENALTY SHOTS???