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[AMSTRAD CPC] Ghostbusters II - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] Ghostbusters II - Longplay & Review
31 December 2012, 4:07 am


Review and longplay / walkthrough for "Ghostbusters 2" on the Amstrad CPC! Yes I've already done a longplay of this before (and a very popular one too it seems from the number of hits!) but (1) I've had a load of requests over time for a proper review and (2) if you're watching this on the day I've uploaded it then it's New Years Eve and this is the perfect game for it! ....seeing of course that this game and movie takes place on NYE!! So happy new years and have a great 2013 from me... As for the game, unbelievably this is from the Oliver Twins - they of Dizzy and Codemasters budget game fame! And what a cracking job they've done here, one of the most profesionally put together film licences on a 8-bit system ever! Although rather short and easy.... Great movie sequel too! (c) Activision 1989 (c) Colombia Pictures 1989 IMDb - Movies, TV and Celebrities[/t][/t]
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Level 1 of this game used to absolutely infuriate me. It was rare that I'd be able to make it to the bottom without the rope being cut on me.
When I did eventually make it to level 2, there were never enough lives. I don't believe i have ever seen the third and final stage of this game.
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