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[AMSTRAD CPC] Harrier Attack - Review & Longplay (1st ever Amstrad game?)
[AMSTRAD CPC] Harrier Attack - Review & Longplay (1st ever Amstrad game?)
20 August 2011, 3:16 am

Harrier Attack on the Amstrad CPC review and longplay. ***** *EDIT* First ever Amstrad game? Possibly so! Roland Perry of Amstrad in his Retro Gamer review stated that he believes this was the first game they received.... ***** Another of the oldest games on the Amstrad, and more Amsoft delights! Harrier Attack is beloved by many a CPC user, personally having only played it for the first time many years later I wondered what the fuss was all about. Well, at a request of a fellow YouTuber I decided to take another look at this game and see if it deserves it's status. Also yet again a very short longplay - there's only 5 skill levels and then the game just loops on the same skill once completed. So I've only done skill level 5. (c) Durrell Software / Amsoft 1984
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Sorry for the duplicate topic, I changed the title to include "1st ever Amstrad game?" after it came to light that Roland Perry said this was the first game they received and played at Amstrad - seems the news cron picks these up. Oooops.

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Hey, this is interesting indeed! Where did he say it??

Say what you will, it's basic, but I still like this one.