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[AMSTRAD CPC] Infiltrator - Longplay & Review (Part 1 of 3)
[AMSTRAD CPC] Infiltrator - Longplay & Review (Part 1 of 3)
26 January 2011, 6:37 am

[AMSTRAD CPC] Infiltrator - Longplay & Review (Part 1 of 3)
[AMSTRAD CPC] Infiltrator - Longplay & Review (Part 1 of 3)

Infiltrator... THE GAME THAT ROCKED AMERICA (hah!) for the Amstrad CPC. Complete longplay over 3 parts for the 3 missions the game has. *** Take note C64, Spectrum and NES fans.... the missions are identical across all versions (apart from the first mission in the NES game I believe) *** As a little kid, this was one of the very first games I bought - the box art and hyperbole looked and sounded exciting, and it appeared to have 3 separate and different games in one - a flight sim, a Commando style romp and a Impossible Mission rip-off. The reality is that it's nothing like what you expected and instead a rather simple, long-winded and dull game with overcomplicated controls (and instruction manual!) especially for the flight sim part of the game, and a tedious plod around badly drawn and bland buildings being attacked by stick men! Well, after crashing so many times, getting no where and giving up all those years ago ... I've decided to master this game and actual read the instruction manual properly this time! Those all important codes and maps see below for the links. I've also uploaded separately the full game in an 1hour30min video without commentary. CODES INFILTRATOR : DWEEZIL HAYMISH SETH WHIPPLE GEOFF NAPLES GOMER GIZMO CODES OVERLORD : ZIPPY RATTIE BUZZ SCUM KOMIE BOOMER WEASLE RHAMBOW Mission 1 and 2 map - Mission 3 map taken from this NES version walkthrough (final mission is identical to ours) -
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Yay! Nothing like pwning a game that previously owned you as a kid.

It heals that old pain of buying a crappy game  :)