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[AMSTRAD CPC] Lemmings - Longplay (Part 3 of 4 - TAXING Levels)
9 April 2012, 8:31 pm


Lemmings longplay and walkthrough for the Amstrad CPC! Part 3 of 4 - this time the 15 "Taxing" levels! Firstly there's a bug in Taxing 8 (level 38) which makes it impossible to complete in the normal or 'correct' way - especially if you compare to the Spectrum version which is the same programming, but the clock on the CPC version runs a lot quicker! So had to use a level design glitch to beat this - which I explain as I commentate on this level only - but a big big thankyou to fellow YouTuber and Amstrad longplayer "Metr" for his assistance in beating this level! Much appreciated dude! A conversion of one of the most famous and popular games ever ended up on the Amstrad CPC - and despite it's limitations this is a fantastic port! In this version there's 60 levels in total (much less than the PC and Amiga originals) which are split into 4 sections of 15 levels - Fun, Tricky, Taxing and Mayhem. We will be doing each section (of 15 levels) in parts making 4 videos for this longplay. (c) Psygnosis 1992[/t][/t]
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