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[AMSTRAD CPC] Night Hunter - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] Night Hunter - Longplay & Review
14 November 2011, 9:51 am


Night Hunter on the Amstrad CPC - review and longplay(*) * Well possibly a longplay! The box and manual advertises 30 levels, but really there are only 5 areas which loop around, and at level 10 (on the second loop through) the difficulty doesn't change. So I've stopped at level 10 ... but then it's nearly 1hour30mins worth of footage!! What happens if we beat level 30? Who knows .... we tried to examine the code and do pokes to start on level 29/30 but we couldn't get it working. It doesn't look like there's an ending and probably just goes to "Level 31" grrrr! But anyway, very cool concept game! You are DRACULA with the ability to turn into a vampire bat or werewolf(!!) at will! Suck the blood dry of your enemies, collect the scrolls, avoid Van Helsing and escape before the sun comes up! (OK the night/day is missing from the Amstrad version) - cool game, great initial grab factor but becomes too hard and frustrating later on to hold long term appeal with no apparent goal after doing 5 or 10 levels. This was meant to be up for Halloween (sorry!) but two reasons for the delay - (1) it gets very tough from about level 5 onwards and (2) I spent a lot of time trying to see if we can jump to level 30 - there was no way given the length of time it took me to do level 10 to go through 20 more levels!!! (c) UBI Soft (1990)
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