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[AMSTRAD GX4000/PLUS] Burnin' Rubber - Longplay (Completed!) & Review
[AMSTRAD GX4000/PLUS] Burnin' Rubber - Longplay (Completed!) & Review
25 April 2011, 11:47 pm

[AMSTRAD GX4000/PLUS] Burnin' Rubber - Longplay (Completed!) & Review
[AMSTRAD GX4000/PLUS] Burnin' Rubber - Longplay (Completed!) & Review

"Burnin' Rubber" on the Amstrad GX4000 console and Amstrad 464/6128 Plus machines - longplay to completion!!! And Review! Yes guys, after several years of attempts for doing this video, I've finally done it and completed the game!!! PHEW!!! Burnin' Rubber was the pack in title with the GX4000 console, and also the new Amstrad 464 and 6128 Plus machines - you could choose between the game or going to the BASIC prompt when you switched on the computer. This game was designed to show off the new features of the GX4000 and Plus machines, namely - new palette of 4096 colours available(!), hardware scrolling and sprites, DMA channels allowing for better quality samples for music and sound effects, and a few other tricks and improvements - I explain a bit in more detail at the start of the video. Burnin' Rubber uses each of these, mostly to little extent apart from the available palette which it cleverly and awesomely uses to change the screen colours to simulate night and day time!! I also forget to mention during the video that you can actually slip-stream behind opponent cars to gain a boost in your top speed!!! I can't think of any other 8-bit driving game with that feature!! This is an exclusive title for the Amstrad, and it is something to be proud of but does have a severe gameplay flaw that spoils the show somewhat. On reflection since doing my commentary, knock half a mark off my score. Still though.... a really fantastic 8-bit driving game! Based on an earlier game ...
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