Author Topic: CPS 8256 (PCW Parallel/Serial adaptor)  (Read 249 times)

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CPS 8256 (PCW Parallel/Serial adaptor)
« on: 02:41, 21 November 19 »
It seems like I finally managed to obtain one of these rare beasts. They do come up every now and then on ebay UK but little use if you have a Schneider PCW like me (no edge connector). For whatever reason they‘re surprisingly hard to find. Of course now there will be one every week for under ten quid.
Well I only had to buy an entire PCW (sans keyboard) to get one, upping my total to three now...  :picard:
No idea if the computer or CPS 8256 actually work and no practical use for the both of them either!


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Re: CPS 8256 (PCW Parallel/Serial adaptor)
« Reply #1 on: 14:28, 21 November 19 »
Well done, TynH. Next thing you know, people will start referring to you as a "collector"..  ;)

The main use for the CPS8256 in my opinion is to be able to transfer files to the PCW using KERMIT.COM. In my case it facilitated development of the uRTC software. Serial transfer is particularly important here as the 3" drives aren't to be found on a transfer PC. being able to easily get stuff onto a the PCW opens up a whole world of possibilities as you can download any CP/M software to it.

For my part I needed the serial port and hunted for ages to get one, then had to pay rather more than I'd paid for my PCW to get it. Then just when I really needed it for uRTC development, it broke down! Turned out one of the serial voltage level converters had expired.

If you've got Schneider PCWs it might be in order to build a 50 way adapter (from the Centronics tyoe connector to an edge connector) so that you can use the serial adapter on your Schneider machines. Or not - you can just use the "new" PCW as a transfer machine.
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