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With over 200 pages, 8-Bit Annual 2019 is HUGE! It is the second printed book covering all new 8 bit home computer and console released home brew and commercial games from 2018, by the 8 Bit Annual team. Included in the 2019 annual is 8-bit retro gaming features, game developer interviews and more than 150 game reviews on Atari, Atari 2600, NES, SEGA, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, BBC Micro and MSX. Each 8-Bit machine is given as much content as possible.

The amount of content in the 2019 annual will truly be Epic! With even more reviews, interviews and featured articles than the mega 2018 annual, even world class speed readers will have trouble reading this in a short amount of time.

Features include: Rick Dickinson Tribute, 8-Bit Annual Dev Contest 2018, ZX Spectrum World, Pixel Art by Andy Green, Amstrad CPC Chess via Lan / Online, Juan J. Martinez (multiple format 8-Bit games), Amstrad CPC Collectors Cabins, The BASIC 10 liner Contest 2018, Delta 4, Atari Games in Tesla Cars.

Interviews include: Mark Nunam (Abbex Games), Richard Broadhurst, Paul Rose (Mr. Biffo of Digitiser fame), Andrew Darovich and Paul Weller (Aetherbyte Studios), Nobuaki Washio (GW'S Workshop), Soren Borgquist (Spectrum games), Andy Johns (Nixy: The Glade Sprite), The Shadows of Sergoth coding team, Clive Townsend (of Saboteur fame), Mark Hardisty (author of the definitive Gremlin Graphics book!), CPC Retro Dev interviews, Carolos Pérez Peregrin (winner of #CPCRetrodev2018), Antonio Savona (L'AbbayeDesMorts on C64), Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, Sarah Jane Avory (writer and coder of Briley Witch books and C64 game).

AMSTRAD CPC content includes:

8 BIT GAME DEV games
Awesome Posters of Robbie Strikes Back, Tragical Chase and Space Phantom
EPIC Poly Play 3rd Anniversary compilation tape with CPC games Magica, Golden Tail, Pentomino, Hibernated1 and The Dawn of Kernel.
Reviews of CPCretrodev games
Reviews of Dawn of Kernel, Robbie Strikes Back, Shadows of Sergoth, Space Phantom, Pink Pills, Mike the Guitar, Earth Defender, Top Top, Dawn of Kernel, World War Simulator Part 2 and Galactic Tomb.

Order your copy on the Kickstarter link below - Thanks for your support

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