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Author Topic: Clive Townsend creator of Saboteur 30th anniversary special CPC unlockable  (Read 850 times)

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CPC Saboteur coder Clive Townsend has released a special 30th anniversary free remake on PC, Mac, laptops and mobile devices.

Included is a special CPC Saboteur unlockable mode - Clive has put inside the remake a CPC version he always wanted to release instead of the speccy port that got released by Durell Software 30 years ago.

Amstrad CPC Classic Gaming and Demos has the exclusive Clive Townsend interview and all the info you need to unlock this special CPC mode.

the link is here - 

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Clive Townsend added -

There are 2 versions - Android (free download) and PC/Mac Online. There's a time limit, but you'll have enough time to complete the first part of the game if you're quick. And you can find the CPC glasses too. The 'first part' is the same as the entire 1985 game. If you sign up at clivetownsend.com you'll unlock the whole new game with hundreds of new screens etc.

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Is it a skin with CPC-style graphics he put over his modern engine or is it actual CPC code in an emulator? Can someone post a dsk with it here?

I really like Saboteur (well, the concept of it, I'm terrible at the game itself), but the CPC version being so much slower than the Spectrum one almost makes me want to wait the 15minutes of tape loading not to suffer the slowdowns. Almost.
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Direct link would be helpful - please, people, try to be helpful in addition to promoting your pages.

Saboteur! Remake by Clive Townsend

Just downloaded it on my Android phone. It looks really well made, but as always I just can't stand the touch controls! I'll have to try it at home on my PC or with my 9bitdo NES BT pad :)