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Amstrad Plus on the spotlight @ Alchimie 2017 !
12 November 2017, 7:14 pm

Few years ago, Gerald released the fantastic C4CPC device allowing the use of cartridge images stored on a micro-SD card. This resulted a general availability of the GX-4000 software library, plus other side effects such as original Amstrad CPC 64Kb games converted to the platform (thanks Phantomz and others), or system cartridge replacements that includes some popular Amstrad CPC ROMs at startup (that also includes the HxC Floppy Emulator Manager - thanks Dragon !). More information here.

Unfortunately, the platform still lack interest from developers... till now ! During the Alchimie 2017, not 1 but 2 demoscene productions were released !   Eerie Forest by Overflow/Logon System

We all remember IO demo for MSX (released at Forever 2015) and the great Logon's run - 3D meets the aging bits (released at Revision 2017 for Amstrad CPC machines).

And now Overflow strikes again with Eerie Forest, a demo for the Amstrad GX-4000 !

This intro is an adaptation of the famous in-game screen of the running beast in Shadow of the Beast game on Amiga.

It's a well-rounded production, made coherent thanks to excellent Tot0's sense of design, that definitively unleashes the GX-4000 abilities. Who thought this under-appreciated console would one day rivalise with 16-bit machines !?

Click here for link !

CRTC³ by Flower Corp + Futurs + X-men
CRTC³ by Flower Corp + Futurs + X-men

Roudoudou (french interview here) is an active programmer mostly focused on the Amstrad Plus machines. He released last year the Asic Intro 2 (released at the VIP 2016) and released rasm this year, a cross-platform Z80 assembler.

With the help of Zik, Fra and CoyHot, CRTC³
CRTC³ is a multi-part demo released at Alchimie 2017 for Amstrad Plus machines. It features impressive effects never seen before. It's not only about visuals, but audio also - which is a pleasant mix of soundchip and samples ! Since it uses the 128Kb of RAM of the Amstrad Plus, don't expect a GX-4000 conversion one day.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this production !

Click here for link !

As a final note, thanks to everyone releasing those productions for the platform. Clearly, the Amstrad Plus / GX-4000 machines are progressively transitioning from under-rated machines to platforms of choice ! The future is bright for the white CPCs ;-)

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