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4Sceners & Bitfellas demoscene productions 2016
4Sceners & Bitfellas demoscene productions 2016
16 January 2017, 8:00 pm

4Sceners and Bitfellas published their favourite demoscene productions for the year 2016 and it is great to see three Amstrad CPC productions in their list, too. Ranked on 3rd place in the category “Best Music Disc” you will find the CPC vs. Virgill music disc by Tristar and Red Sector (TRSI). The other two productions can be found in the “Best Scene Game”. The awesome Pinball Dreams preview by the Batman Group ranked on the 2nd place (hey, this is just preview – what can we expect from the final product :-)) and ranked on the 7th place you will find the game Outlaws by RetroBytes which won the CPCRetroDev 2016 competition. You can have a look the complete results on the 4Sceners website (german).

It is always great to see Amstrad CPC productions mentioned in demoscene :-).

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