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Title: Octoate's News - Blue Angel 69
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Blue Angel 69 (http://www.octoate.de/wp/2010/10/11/blue-angel-69/)
11 October 2010, 6:41 pm

Blue Angel 69 is a conversion of the strategy game with the same name by Magic Bytes. In this game you are playing on a 8×8 board field from which you have to remove fields with numbers. Your opponent tries to do the same. The points which you remove from the game will be added to your score and of course you want to achieve a higher score than your opponent. Try it – it’s fun (http://www.octoate.de/wp/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif) .

The game was written by Kevin Thacker, graphics by Markus Homann, music by Roald Strauss and cover, sticker, catalogue art by Kukulcan. You can download the game and the source code from website of Blue Angel 69 (http://blueangel69.cpc-live.com/).

Now some technical details: The game was written with Z88dk (http://www.octoate.de/wp/2009/07/12/z88dk-v19/) with the Artaburus cpcrslib (http://www.octoate.de/wp/2009/09/23/cpcrslib-06082009/). It also uses the Starkos (http://www.octoate.de/wp/2009/06/17/starkos-tracker-v121/) tracker for music playback, which means that you will find the sourcecode for a music playing library for Z88dk in the source code.

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