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WinAPE 2.0 Alpha 18
« on: 03:28, 28 July 11 »
Looks like people skipped the big news of the day ?

A new version of WinAPE has been released !

WinAPE - What's New

Version 2.0 Alpha 18   26-Jul-2011

This release is an ALPHA release. Minimal testing and optimisation has been performed. Some features may not work as expected.
There is a list of known issues at the end of this file.

- Changes logical volumes (and scales) used for AY output.
- Simplified and improved AY emulation, fixed period change adjustments.
- Fixed possible bright pixels in the top left when in PAL emulation.
- Writing to PSG registers above 15 now ignored as per real standard AY.
- Changed the way the Symbiface RTC switches between BCD and Binary modes.
- Switched back to full 8 bit interrupt vector (bit 0 is NOT reset as per most documentation around).
- Fixed Z80 overflow flag for INC (HL), DEC (HL) and IX/IY equivalents.

- Added the ability to select a block of memory (right-click, Select Block...) in the memory editor.
- Added the ability to fill the selection with a sequence of values (right-click, Fill...) in the memory editor.
- Added the ability to compare two regions of memory or to compare a region of memory with a file (right-click, Compare To...) in the memory editor.
- Defaulted memory mapping (Any) to RAM bank #C0 to stop change when switching.

- Fixed a bug with symbol usage and relocation tables inside if, else etc.
- Added Select All menu item and keyboard functionality.

AVI Writing
- Improved the timing of video and sound synchronisation.
- Added the ability to record full sized (768 x 540) videos.

- Added cylinder and drive LEDs for drive B:
- Fixed saving of allow Temporary Writes, and Prompt to Save changes settings.
- Allow zero length sectors in DSK images.
- Fix writing of DSK images when the only change is to delete a copy of a sector or re-size one.
- Changes to detect when the window has focus (workaround for Delphi and Windows bugs). This stops typing from appearing in WinAPE when another application has focus.
- Changed timing to display actual speed (CPU cycles per second as a percentage of 1 million) rather than a percentage based on the number of frames per second. Previously, CRTC changes would affect speed display.
- Changed tape WAV writing to use values of 00 and FF rather than 00 and 1F.
- Fixed WAV output for 16 bit samples. Should now play in WMP.
- Fixed the position of the Speed indicator label.
- Added a warning when playing back old SNR files.
- Allowed CD ROM and removeable drives to be used as Symbiface IDE drives (Currently there is no support for CD-ROM formats on the CPC, but maybe one day).
- Increased tape output WAV sample rate to 22050Hz rather than 11025Hz since it was inadequate for high bit rate tapes.

Known Issues
- Changes to ASIC registers through the Gate Array occur approximately 6 pixels too early. On the real CPC Plus, changes to the palette using the GA (i.e. OUT instruction) occur 6 pixels after the register is written (approximately 0.375us). Exact emulation of this has not been done since no CPC software currently requires this degree of accuracy, and emulation would probably result in a significant degradation of performance.

- The ASIC does not allow a number of registers to be read. This does not affect any current CPC software, and needs to be analysed fully before being emulated.

- The supplied Help file is not supported in Windows Vista and Windows 7 by default since WinHelp.exe has been removed from Vista (along with a lot of other functionality ϑ).

Demos Tested - Not Fully Working

Power System Megademo (PWMD-A.DSK, PWMD-B.DSK, PWMD-C.DSK) - Last part before end reports CRTC Type 1 when Type 0 is used. - Screen jumps in Chany Part (Part 3)

S&KOH Intro (Not on DSK) - HSYNC problem

Soul Almighty (SOUL-ALM.DSK) - Digisampled jumper seems to jump too much (VSYNC?)

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Re: WinAPE 2.0 Alpha 18
« Reply #1 on: 05:35, 28 July 11 »
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Off to download it now!!!
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Re: WinAPE 2.0 Alpha 18
« Reply #2 on: 17:27, 28 July 11 »
Great news indeed !!  :)