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« Reply #26 on: 20:59, 21 August 15 »
I wonder if you know this AMSTRAD DA-155 and why it is not presented in cpcwiki. It  has some interesting functions, that other models doesn't.
After reading this whole thread, I'm surprised nobody has commented about the overheating problem  :o

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« Reply #27 on: 00:40, 05 October 18 »
Where is the first time the word amstrad appears in spain?.

Was time time ago at finish of sigle xiii.  It appears in a relate of a news paper of the epoque in  a story write many years ago by a french writer called eugen sue in 1856.

The history is located in the roman empire near the city of magnuvia in the rhin river.  It relate the battle of victorino future roman emperor in the 130 a.d with the barbare.

Amstrad was the name of a defile where a battle begin.

As a curiosity the book was called children of the town. And was prohibited by the catolic chuch. Opps!
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