Author Topic: Zeusdaz Livestream this sunday 6pm (GMT) + Bruce Lee world speedrun attempt!  (Read 149 times)

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Can I share the fact I'll be livestreaming this Sunday at 6pm (GMT)?!
I'm doing them every 2wks, I've done 5 so far including a 5hr stream (EP.5) that happened on new years eve,...this ep also shows many of my original boxed games up for sale so take a look as you may see something you like, In fact here are all the eps so far:

Also my dog Snoopy makes appearences as a few viewers always want to see him  :D
This Sunday I will be trying to beat my World speedrun record on Bruce Lee on the Spectrum including a "guess that retro game tune" section which is very popular AND a longplay of the brill PC / ZX Spectrum game Project ZX where sir Clive has sent many spectrum sprites to try to kill me with an ending that you cpc fans might find amusing ;-)
Everyone welcome as always, bring a coffee or a beer and join in the amusement  :D

Zeusdaz Retro game channel:
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