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It's usually the zebra strip (the part that connects the glass to the PCB) that fails when these type of failures happen. This is relatively easy to fix if you can get to it. I don't think I've ever tried to open the screen of my NC200, so I have no hints on getting in there.

PM sent.

So far, I cannot work out what's wrong with the 1.15 disk.  The contents of the image are odd, and it seems that trying to boot from such a disk via Gotek gives problems, and Joyce seems to be the same.

If I try to use the same image within Joyce (i.e. no boot) then Joyce seems to access the disk fine, and I can access the files on the disk, copy them, etc.  No problem.

Checking my various images, I find I have quite a few images with the same larger sizes (SS and DS formats) that I've not had any trouble with (but not booting ?)  So the problem seems to be booting from, and Gotek.

What I'll offer is to use the CPM29 image as a base, create a copy image, delete all the files and put on the CPM115 system and other files to make a new boot image for you to test.   Do you need the XDRV.FID?

If this then boots fine from Gotek, then we are at least 1 step forwards.

General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hello CPCWiki
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Thank you VincentGR, Skunkfish and Scarlettkitten 👍👍👍
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hello CPCWiki
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Welcome  :)
IIRC you can use everything up to 30 seconds.

I'm not trying to say you're wrong, but the video I uploaded that was 'struck' was only 18 seconds long, so I wonder if there are some exceptions to that rule? (like if the song runs the length of the video)
Hardware related / Re: Pinout of Schneider PCW/Joyce Expansion port
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Is there a diagram showing the orientation of the socket? i mean, where Pin 1 is (I assume top left but one never knows).
Wife sorted.   For now.

CPM115 disk seems OK otherwise, but the image has an extra track.   I.e Tr 41.   The track seems to have data, and seems normal otherwise, but it ought not to be there.   The xDPB data at the start of the first sector says 40t ok, and the dir is not full, so no files should be using the extra track, so this should not be an immediate problem but it does indicate that something is wrong with the image.

The size of the image file would be correct if the extra track was not there, so the structure of the file seems OK otherwise.  But clearly something else is amiss!

This disk does NOT have a .FID file, and does NOT have a PROFILE.SUB, so this explains why files not found, but system SHOULD look for the files, but should expect that they may NOT be there, and no find should NOT generate an error.

I Love that lights  :o
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