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Where are you? that is all very simple, if you've never picked up a soldering iron maybe good time to try.

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Emulators / Re: WIP Retro Virtual Machine v2.0.
« Last post by VincentGR on Today at 19:34 »
I want this :)

You will burn in hell if you want this sorcery  ;D
News & Events / Re: Revision 2018
« Last post by toms on Today at 19:22 »
Thanks to Zik/Futurs', some more photos of Revision have been added to Memory Full.
Emulators / Re: WIP Retro Virtual Machine v2.0.
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 19:21 »
I want this :)
Hell of a misunderstanding to be bringing threats of legal action into the argument but yeah ok am just glad 4mhz can proceed with making lovely games.
Other retro / Re: Can I make a hit song on the C64?
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 19:14 »
Video doesn't exist?
Unfortunately, for security reasons, Mediawiki (the platform behind the wiki) won't let you load/run pages with code. But we could have a totally separate page perhaps?
Emulators / Re: Favourite CPC emulator?
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 19:08 »
Used to love SciTE (in its WinSCiTE interation) until Notepad++ won me over... Partly because it runs great in ConEMU ( /offtopic
That Engelbart presentation was just mind blowing. I have watched it a few times over the years (although it's rather long) and... I'm pretty sure that guy was from the future. Though from what I've read he was an ideas guy, not the one to make things happen (equally important, still).

In Dealers of Lightning ( the story of Jobs at the Palo Alto facility is told in some detail - basically, Jobs was offering Xerox the chance to buy the company (or part of it? I don't remember) so he visited the labs. The developers didn't want to show him the good stuff, but the higher-ups ordered them to show him everything... and then declined to buy Apple :D
General Discussion - Introductions / Re: Hola & Introduction
« Last post by Gryzor on Today at 18:59 »
Welcome mate!

By coincidence (Twitter, I think?) I tried out Simple and Retro the other day, but I just didn't understand what I was supposed to do :D
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