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Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Pocket (C.H.I.P.) CPC
« Last post by LambdaMikel on Today at 17:55 »
First time I heard about the blackberry CPC emulator!
What's its name? Screenshots? If blackberry also has
C64 and Atari 800 emulators, I might be in  :D
How about Amiga.... does it run fast enough? This is
where I believe the Pocket CHIP reaches its limit.
Haven't tried uae yet and the CHIP.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Pocket (C.H.I.P.) CPC
« Last post by scruss on Today at 16:36 »
Whoa, I didn't know there were any Blackberry fans outside Canada. I know a few folks who are rabid about them still.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: Pocket (C.H.I.P.) CPC
« Last post by zhulien on Today at 16:14 »
not sure if you have looked, unless you have used blackberries or are a blackberry fan, you might have missed the awesome CPC emulator for blackberry that works like dream on the blackberry passport with full physical keyboard - it is really like having a cpc in your pocket.
Applications / Re: MicroDesign Plus
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 15:57 »
From 91/92?
This uses the headline 2 and headline 5 fonts from MicroDesign Extra released by Siren Software in 1988. The font text is taken directly from the lyrics of the title track of the 1980 "Freedom of Choice" album by American new wave/electronic band Devo. (Yeah, the guys in the boilersuits and red hats.)

I have been working on powergraph emulation. It is in early stages.
I don't have a powergraph so I have been working from the manual.

Does anyone here have a CPC with powergraph that would run some tests on it and give me back a dsk with the results on?

Thank you.

Oh que oui !
J'ai fait la map de chaque levels, jusqu'au dernier.
Je t'envoie ├ža  ?
In fact the only date you can count on is  the serial number of the CPC, which you don't have on this one.
The date code on the IC are only an indication of they own manufacturing date. The can be stocked for a long time before being used, and that for various reasons. Supply chain delay is a mix of offer and demand, as well as how much you buy at a time to get a reasonable price.
My statistics (CPC that passed on my hands) show a average of 4 week between the latest date code and the serial number, min is 0 (ie manufacturing month match IC date code month), max is 9 weeks
For commercial use, ICs are only good for around 12 months. So any decent manufacturer shouldn't have any stock with a date older than 1 year. After a year the wave soldering process will start producing bad boards and the manufacturer will have quality issues. That's good for the hobbiest of course, because much of the parts sold online are out of data parts that are sold on cheaply to reduce their wastage costs.


Do you make all level for super cauldron ?

Is there a download link somewhere to your version?  Is it 6128+ only?

Looks amazing!  8)
Not ended. Changing gfx is not a easy task. I have to make new sprite display routine, and some original test works only in mode1 in the original game. Modifying somethink cause really big bug sometime. So, this version of Heraoquest is always under developpement. Just wiat ;)
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