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Programming / Re: Shrinkler Z80 decrunch routine
« Last post by Targhan on Today at 20:32 »
I guess it means : "probs" has the address of the next address aligned to 256.
$ is the current address. Let's say #1234
so "probs" is #1300.

I don't know Maxam well enough to "translate" this expression to it.
Amstrad CPC hardware / Re: asking about a 6128 price
« Last post by dionisisg on Today at 19:10 »
Hello, 210 euros seems a bit high but i have seen it going for more in ebay, here in Greece you may find a complete CPC (main unit, color monitor + a bunch of disks) for a 100 euros or less. It was a very popular computer back in the day and a lot of people still have them in pristine condition.
Games / Re: Games with hidden developer messages
« Last post by Widukind on Today at 18:55 »
Great site, thanks for the link, Comsoft6128.

Some entries from the CPC I know because back then in the good old days, we discovered some of the "Mr. Hacker" messages ourselves when examining the hex dumps… :-)

But most entries I didn't know yet. Really great.

Have a good Sunday, all.
General Discussion - Introductions / Hello to everyone!
« Last post by dionisisg on Today at 18:43 »
Hello everyone,

My name is Dionisis and i just joined the forum, i already found a ton of useful info in here!.

I am 37 yr old from Greece and i am the proud owner of a CPC6128 since 1987. Sadly my CPC went to storage from 1996 (the year i got my first PC, a Pentium MMX@166Mhz) till yesterday when i decided to pull my CPC from the moth balls.

I unboxed my computer, i cleaned it thoroughly to regain its former glory, i set it on a table and connected everything and crossed my fingers that it would still be operational, i press the switches and it turned on after 22 years of the last time it was used. It really felt amazing seeing the blue/yellow color scheme that started everything for me, i then think to myself excellent! time to load a game and inserted my genuine Turrican 2 disk into the drive only to discover that the drive is completely dead  :( . That really felt like a punch in the stomach.

After the original shock i took it apart to see what was going on with the drive and it is unsalvageable, the belt has disintegrated, the motor is seized and the corrosion on the pcb of the drive is like soaking it on salt water. The main pcb of the computer looks perfect though except some dust that i cleaned with a soft brush and some compressed air can. Finding a new working 3" drive seems out of the question because i can't locate a replacement (so far) so i decided to use a 3.5" that i had laying around, i tested the drive on an old PC i have and it works. I already found how to connect it but i'm not sure if it is compatible and i don't want to risk any damage to my CPC. The drive is a citizen Z1D.

The question is, should i risk connecting it? or is it better to buy one that is guarantied to work from ebay?

If my question should go to another category please let me know.

I am also considering getting an M4 board to bring my CPC to the 21st century but this is yet to be decided.

Thanks everyone, big respect for the people that have done so much work in here, i still have to search for a lot of things in this forum but i will find everything in time.
Programming / Re: WinCPCTelera
« Last post by Arnaud on Today at 18:15 »
Hello @awergh,
thanks for reporting  ;)

Effectively the cpct_memcpy doesn't works between Video and Memory a convertion is needed.
I have updated cpct_video.c, cpct_memutils.c and winCpctelera.h to solve your problem, but i think i have to work more on this issue.
Off-topic / Re: Schneckenwerk Musik
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 18:15 »
Naja, auf dem CPC kann man ja auch gut Musik machen. Jedenfalls ist dein letztes Lied wirklich gut, ein richtiger Ohrwurm.  :)
Emulators / Re: Favourite CPC emulator?
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 18:12 »
Actually WinCPC is still missing in the poll. Should be added.  :)
Programming / Re: Shrinkler Z80 decrunch routine
« Last post by GUNHED on Today at 18:09 »
That's very interesting... let me ask you one question...

In the recent decrunch routine there is the line:


How would this be written in MAXAM? Or.. what does this mean?
The 99/4A is there: Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (TMS9918) (1985). I think it got moved cos there was lots of yelling over it not being an 8-bit system. That's one odd system font.
I rather like the Osbourne-1's font:
Though it's not really an 8-bit system, the Apple IIgs's Shaston system font looks really pretty on the soft old analogue RGB displays:
But none of them are as cool as the stoners at Atari who hid the sacred image of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs in the character set.
Programming / Re: few noob questions
« Last post by andycadley on Today at 16:34 »

No penalty, just be aware that the video RAM is kind of strangely structured, resulting in an important overhead when displaying pixel-accurate stuff.
True. Though not quite as weirdly structured as the Spectrum's video RAM, so I guess he'd be used to it. Changing the screen to be 64-bytes wide instead of 80 (and thus 32 Mode 1 characters) can help somewhat simplify the line calculations since the offsets become powers of 2.
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