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Games / Re: Ghosts'n Goblins GX4000 is out !
« Last post by Golem13 on Today at 17:21 »
Congratulations for the release !  ;)

Games / Re: Amstrad 6128-only/128k games?
« Last post by drakon on Today at 16:29 »
Thank you all, guys!  :D
Hi all, replies sent to Shaun M. Neary & VincentGR.I also realised I failed to mention that I live in France, which means the games will be shipped from there. As such, shipping to the UK is generally around 13€ tracked. Sadly, la Poste will not accept shipping untracked, so I don't have much choice in this matter. I might be able to sneak some small software (folder games & thin jewel cased games like Amsoft games, for example) in a letter, but I can't do much more than this I'm afraid. That being said, should you take multiple items, I will not charge more for shipping, which might make it more worth it.Anyone interested can contact me directly via email ( or PM me through CPCWiki.Cheers,
Hardware related / Re: Amstrad Monitors
« Last post by Bryce on Today at 15:10 »
It's not fixed, it depends on the montors settings. For example, VR406 sets the width and (can't remember the component No.), but there's a height adjust in there somewhere too.

Hardware related / Amstrad Monitors
« Last post by ComSoft6128 on Today at 14:35 »
On a CPC colour monitor what are the physical dimensions (inches or centimetres) of a Mode 2 screen, I know it is  composed of 640 x 200 pixels but how does that translate on-screen?
I don't have access to a CPC at the moment or I would check it myself.


Games / Re: Amstrad 6128-only/128k games?
« Last post by DanyPPC on Today at 14:11 »
Xiphoes Fantasy
The Shadows of Sergoth
Zap T Balls
R-Type Remake 128k
Nigel Mansell
Super Edge Grinder
Out of This World
Star Sabre 128k
Games / Re: Amstrad 6128-only/128k games?
« Last post by VincentGR on Today at 13:00 »
Double Dragon (the good version)
Stunt Car Racer (64-128 version)

Never had a 464 back then only 6128.
Now that I have some I need an original tape to test  ;D

I would like the Rick Dangerous tape please.
Off topic / Re: CPC464-themed PC keyboard
« Last post by Shaun M. Neary on Today at 12:42 »
Don't you know? Cutting off the tape decks is the in thing these days.  ;)
Off topic / Re: CPC464-themed PC keyboard
« Last post by Lazy Dude on Today at 12:06 »
Hey, where's the tape deck?  :laugh:
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